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Review: The Intern and the Senator (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex

Book coverThe Intern and the Senator (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex
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Please note that this is one of my steamier ones :)

Intern Christina has been secretly lusting after Senator McKalvin ever since she joined his re-election campaign. But though he's handsome and powerful, he's almost twice her age: he couldn't possibly be interested in an inexperienced twenty-two year-old!

Brendan McKalvin is sick of playing the good guy for the media. When it looks like he's about to lose the election, he throws caution to the wind...and comes clean about his feelings for the beautiful intern.

But what starts as a tryst on the senator's desk turns into something deeper. Brendan realizes that Christina’s just what he’s been searching for. She can give him the life—and the family—he’s always wanted. But with the media watching, Brendan must choose whether he wants to win the election...or win Christina's heart.

For some unknown reason, I really, really, really enjoyed this short book. When I saw the title, I thought great "Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton" which seems to have become the standard of illicit political love affairs but this was not the case at all. It was not tawdry but really well done and for some reason, the story appealed to me. Perhaps it was the older guy, younger girl trope that she had going on. The book was sexy and fun, but of course, as in all Victoria Wessex "He Wanted Me Pregnant!" stories, you just can't take them seriously. At least with this one, the couple had known each other longer than some of the others that she's written, so it's a little more believable. I say this in general for all of her books, there's a predictability to them that I really enjoy. I know the kind of story I'm getting and she makes no apologies for it, and I enjoy the stories. Perhaps they appeal to the traditionalist in me. On some level, these stories are totally primitive and feminists the world over will probably go up in arms reading them, but I don't care. :-) I really enjoy them. They are a fun, quick read and if you read them with a touch of a sense of humor, you'll have a lot more fun with them than if you take them seriously.

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