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Review: Mated to the Dragon of Manhattan by Amira Rain

Book coverMated to the Dragon of Manhattan by Amira Rain
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#1 Bestseller In Paranormal Romance
#1 Bestseller In Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance

"A Unique Spin On Dragon Shifter Romance Stories.."

Curvy bank teller Brette Morgan has lived in New York City most of her life and she thinks she has seen it all.

That is until one day she stumbles upon something she shouldn't have and she finds herself kidnapped and handed over to Lord Truman Stone, a devilishly handsome dragon shifter.

He claims there is a whole different side to New York City that she does not know about and that it is he who truly rules Manhattan. However, now that she has discovered he exists he suggests he has no choice but to kill her.

That is, unless she can prove she is worthy of being his mate...

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Disclaimer: This is a COMPLETE paranormal dragon shifter romance novel No cliffhangers! Also, contains scenes of a sexual nature.

I don't know what possessed me to pick up another audiobook by Amira Rain since the last one I read/listened to from her was not stellar but what can I say ... dragons!

This book, is like, you know, literally, like, hilarious! Seriously, she totally writes like this and you have to believe she literally says these things, like, literally! It's like reading or listening to one great big Facebook status update, because, seriously, it's like, how people talk, like, when they are commenting on something, ya know?!?

This book is, in a nutshell, dreadfully written. The writing is not good. It is written in such a juvenile fashion it brings to mind the movies Clueless and Mean Girls. Everyone speaks like they are in high school, you know, like, above. :-p

That said, in all it's dreadfulness, I found the book hilarious and entertaining and it's likely because it was so badly written that it was so entertaining. It's like watching a train wreck. You can't look away.

Brette and the other women in the book spoke and interacted as though they were still in high school. If you've watched Clueless you will know what I mean. There is one scene early on in the book where Brette is lying through her teeth about an imaginary boyfriend. It's ridiculously funny. The hilarity in that scene was a high point in the book.
As for Truman, he's supposed to be Lord and Ruler of the entire nation and yet he says things like this:
"And if I do, you can lock me in here with no food and no water, and make me write thousands of sentences, all saying the same thing: 'It is not nice to tease, especially young women as sweet and beautiful as Brette Morgan.'"
What kind of alpha male, dragon shifter does that make him? What adult male would say that kind of thing?

The disconcerting thing about this book is the fact that the writing is terrible and written for high school readers instead of adults and yet it is an erotic romance. It's difficult to reconcile the explicit sex scenes with the childish language used. Ms Rain needs to learn other words to describe the vagina and penis beyond "feminine folds" and "rod" if she's going to continue to write erotic romance. She uses those words way too many times and every time I heard it, there was an eye roll. Her sex scenes are not sexy. They come across somewhat clinical without showing the emotional connection between the characters who are having sex.

I tried reading this book rather than listening to it. Reading just made it worse and ruined the whole reading experience for me. Fortunately, I had a few mindless chores I needed to do and listening to this alleviated in the boredom from the chores.

I'm still giving this 3 stars because of its entertainment value. I found it enormously hilarious despite the bad writing. If I was rating this on the writing alone, it would have been 1.5 or 2 stars.

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