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Review: The Curvy Voice Coach and the Billionaire Actor (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex

Book coverThe Curvy Voice Coach and the Billionaire Actor (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex
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Hired to teach Hollywood hunk Tanner Cole a British accent in just one week, curvy voice coach Charlotte makes a lasting first impression when she accidentally flashes him on webcam.

Dragged from her sheltered life in London, the posh Brit soon finds herself in the craziness of Beverly Hills...and living in Tanner's mansion. The billionaire actor turns out to be as blue collar--and as hot--as they come, and she needs every trick in her book to help him fake it as an English lord. Unhappy with her curves, Charlotte can't believe that he could possibly be interested in her. But when their rehearsals for romantic scenes keep getting out of control, she begins to see that the bad boy has hidden depths. Does he want more than a one-night stand? And can he overcome her own fears and insecurities to win her over?

If he can, their troubles may be just beginning. Charlotte's been hiding her entire life. Is she ready for the glare of the spotlight?

This is the longest "He Wanted Me Pregnant" story that I've read in Victoria Wessex's repertoire. It didn't jump right into the bada bing, bada boom as I said in my previous review of The Reporter and the Billionaire Scottish Wolf Lord or other stories but developed over a longer period of time, and even giving us glimpses of characters from other earlier stories in the series. Overall, I enjoyed the story a great deal. In typical Victoria Wessex style, this had all the elements that I've come to expect from a HWMP story but with more depth and character development. I liked that while there was mutual attraction, Tanner and Charlotte didn't jump into the sack with each other right away and they had to navigate their way through Charlotte's insecurities and Tanner's lifestyle. I thought Victoria Wessex did a great job of describing the crazy celebrity lifestyle and making it seem very believable based on just the things that we have read in our own lives of what goes on with the rich and famous. She gave Tanner a bad boy billionaire actor persona that was quickly wiped away by a depth of character and personality that was lovely to see. She gave Charlotte a vulnerability that was endearing and which also made you want to cheer for her to get her happy ending. I loved that Tanner was strong and that he fought for what he wanted, that he did it with a certain strength and grace that was very attractive. Probably not everyone's up of tea (pun intended, and you'll get it if you read the book!) but I found it a great read.

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