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Review: The Reporter and the Billionaire Scottish Wolf Lord (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex

Book coverThe Reporter and the Billionaire Scottish Wolf Lord (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex
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TV reporter Rachel isn’t happy about being sent from sunny LA to gray, freezing Scotland to interview a minor royal. But when he turns out to be reclusive billionaire Lord Alex McKillington, things start to get interesting. Why is the whole village scared to go near his private island? Why does he seem so worked up when he’s near her, his low voice almost a…growl?

Alex has hidden his secret for years, isolating himself for the safety of others. But his need to mate hasn’t gone away and when Rachel walks into his life, controlling himself is impossible.

When she discovers his secret, Rachel must convince the brooding, loner alpha male to put aside his demons and love again. But is she really ready to become his mate…and offer him her fertile body?

There's something appealing about a "He Wanted Me Pregnant" book by Victoria Wessex no matter how cliched it is.
The stories are surprisingly well-written when you think about something having a series titled like "He Wanted Me Pregnant". There is a predictability to the stories that make them "same but different" and that's perfectly okay to me. Out of the series, there have been a few stand outs in them for me and this is one of them.

Of course, there's the usual "girl meets guy, instant attraction, bada bing, bada boom, unprotected sex, baby on the way" thing going on (I promise I'm not giving anything away, all the stories follow this pattern) but aside from that, Victoria Wessex injects enough variety into her stories that they are fun to read.

This one I enjoyed because of the paranormal aspects of it because I just love a good paranormal romance. For such a short story, Victoria managed to weave enough of a credible paranormal element into it to be a fun and different read, still with all the elements that I've come to expect from a story of hers in this series.

I have to admit that in the beginning when I read the first book "The Maid and the Billionaire Prince" I was expecting it to be trite and embarrassingly poorly written but was pleasantly surprised when I found it was not.

This is also #14 out of a 16 book series (17 if you count the freebie that is only available to people who sign up for her newsletter on her website) and with each installment, the writing improves.

After having read so many books in the series, my overall impression is that I enjoy the series and I enjoy Victoria's writing style a great deal. I would love to read something of hers that is longer and have more depth to it than these should she ever decided to write it.

At some point, I'm thinking of doing a review of the entire series on my blog, but for now, this review comes pretty close.

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