Sunday, July 26, 2015

Turkey FRICKEN Bacon

Photo courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons license. Thanks to jemasmith.

Many years ago, we had a Middle Eastern adventure where we lived in Qatar for a while. This is an excerpt from an email I sent to my friend Kathy upon our return from a porkless Muslim country. I was making a bacon and egg roll for breakfast this morning and I pulled out too much bacon. My friend Vee reminded me that if you've lived in the Middle East, you NEVER say "too much bacon" so I thought I'd pull out this little snippet of my life to share ...


Saturday was a complete write off. The most I managed was getting up at 8:30am for breakfast and then promptly went back to sleep till about 4:30pm. Manage to rouse myself to decide not to head out to dinner with Steve who was catching up with some ex work colleagues, then went back to bed and now here I am.

Speaking of breakfast though I feel I must relate what happened when I was going down the buffet line getting some hot food.

I’m making my way down the line, lifting lids and looking at what was on offer when I come across a server which had chicken sausages and …. Wait for it …. Turkey bacon!!! Turkey bacon? You’ve got to be kidding me, right?!?!? Turkey FRICKEN bacon in the middle of a 5 star hotel buffet in Sydney!?!?!? My first reaction (and it was loud) went something like this:

“Turkey bacon? I didn’t just travel thousands of miles, getting out of the Middle East for TURKEY BACON!!!”

The chef behind the counter heard me and cracked up laughing. Steve came to the rescue (and to cut off my ranting) by ushering me further down the line where there was real bacon. This is what he said to Jim on facebook:

“At our breakfast buffet this morning, they had pork bacon and turkey bacon (for the healthy alternative I believe, not because they were Halal sensitive) and you should have heard Deanna rant over having to eat turkey bacon until I steered her in the direction of real bacon. I can assure you, it did not SOUND like heaven where we were until she settled down and stuffed her mouth with real bacon.”

There was much muttering heading back to the table and even for a while after that. Turkey bacon! Hah!

Jim’s in New Orleans for a conference and his status updates the last few times have been “ode to pork” – he says:

“I have arrived safely in New Orleans! During my lay over in Houston I had a pulled-pork sandwich and a cold brew...not heaven, but you could see it from there!”

Steve having OD’d on pork for dinner tonight writes this in response to Jim:

“Just finished a great night and dinner out with friends and have the pork cutlet and chorizo sausage - yum. Back to the Type A Blood Type diet tomorrow... or the next day... or the day after that... or sometime in the near future... or after that. Feel a bit pork-deficient at present.”

I wonder if you felt that way when you first arrived in the States.

Yeah ... we kinda missed our bacon after our stint in the Middle East. What about you? Do you love bacon? Who doesn't?

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