Thursday, July 16, 2015

New book boyfriends I'm crushing on #1

This is my second attempt at this post since my HTML editor decided to crash right when I had finished writing the post, before I saved it. It was a bleak moment!

I recently been fortunate enough to read some rather wonderful books and have fallen in love with a few leading men. They have joined my repertoire of book boyfriends alongside Dragos from Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison, Adrian from A Touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day and Raphael from The Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh.


The first of these men is from a 5 star read called Waking the Dragon by Juliette Cross. He is Kol Moonring, a Morgon – dragon human hybrid, who is Captain of the Morgon Guard, their version of the military. Rather than blather on in gushy girly fashion, I’ll give you what I wrote in my review about Kol.

Kol was a bit of a mystery to me at the beginning. He was cool and aloof but what you don't realise till much later on is that there is a fire that burns hot and bright in him. Like all Morgon men, he's dominant, he's alpha and he's delicious. I loved that he knew his mind and his heart, and he knew Moira well enough to give her space to discover for herself how she felt and what she wanted. I loved that he was her equal and that even though he could have, he didn't dominate. They say that still waters run deep, and with Kol, those waters are a deep well that spills over into a passion that is so overwhelming that it takes my breath away.

He really is very spectacular and after I finished reading the book, I went back and reread parts three or four times if only to re-experience the gorgeousness and passion that is Kol Moonring. I had a huge book hangover after this book.


The next bit of gorgeousness is Davison Cabot Berkeley, billionaire and most eligible bachelor in town from Breahtless For Him by Sofia Tate. Breathless For Him is the first in a three part series featuring the relationship of Davison and Allegra. Here is what I had to say about Davison.

I love Davison. I think that there should be more men in the world like him. Men who insist on opening the car door for you, who will walk you too your front door and see you safely home, and who will always walk on the outside to protect you from harm. Davison is at once primal and alpha, but also kind and tender. There is a sweetness to him and the way he treats Allegra is warms my heart, and the way he calls her "baby" makes me melt into a gooey, messy puddle.

Davison is alpha but he’s also a gentleman and in my opinion, in today’s world, we need more gentlemen in our lives. Find yourself a Davison in your life, ladies. One who knows how to treat a lady… who knows how to treat you well.


My next crush is not a book boyfriend but is a voice. Thankfully, the voice comes with a lovely person attached. His name is Eric G Dove and he is an audiobook narrator, but also “a fiction author, singer, songwriter, musician, sailor, snowboarder, and in his heart of hearts, beach-bum slacker.” His words, not mine! I first encountered Eric when I listened to The Edge of Courage by Elaine Levine, the first of her Red Team series. I’m not normally a fan of male narrators’ voices but I fell completely in love with Eric’s voice and became quite besotted.


After listening to The Edge of Courage, I promptly went on the hunt for other books that he had narrated because I was not ready to give up on his voice yet and wanted to keep listening to him. I’ve now started A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson and have also bought Shattered Valor by Elaine Levine, the next in her Red Team series.

toni  val

If you are not into audiobooks or if you haven’t heard Eric’s voice, you need to. There was a particular part in the book where’s he’s narrating Rocco, the hero of The Edge of Courage and that scene was the sexiest thing I have ever heard in my life. I just about melted into a puddle listening to it. I also loved his voice for Rocco. It was a low, gravelly growl and just so damned sexy, I never wanted to stop listening to it.


I had a total fangirl moment when Eric responded to my tweet complimenting him on his narration. It totally made my morning. What a wonderful thing to wake up to. Fortunately, I have an understanding husband when he was wondering by I was squealing first thing in the morning.

You can find the entire listing of Eric's narrations here.


Last but not least is Sam Heughan, not a book boyfriend to be exact but sort of. I’ve started watching the Outlander TV series with Steve and we’ve finished the second episode. Yes, slow to start, I know but no spoilers please!

It’s not so much that I’m a Sam Heughan fan but the fact that he plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander and he does a very fine job of it. I now understand the gushing and the fangirling over him. He does make a very lovely Jamie.


It’s been a long time since I’ve read Outlander and I remember very little of it, so it was very refreshing and fun to watch the show to rediscover characters I had read about a long time ago. Jamie in Sam Heughan’s portrayal comes across as a lovely man, fierce, noble and charismatic. I don’t remember enough of the book to know if he was all those things in the story but this is what comes across in Sam’s Jamie. It also doesn’t hurt that Sam is a good looking guy and he’s got moments when he’s half clad and in a kilt. Very sexy.

I plan on reading the book again soon but for now, I think I’ll watch the show and enjoy it. Again, I am fortunate to have an understanding Steve who is even open minded enough to comment that he thought Sam was a very good looking guy as Jamie. All I can say is, I understand what all the fuss about Sam Heughan is now about.

So have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned, heard Eric narrating or watched Outlander? If you haven’t, please do. That’s a very nice collection of hunkiness for you to fall in love with.

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  1. This is a great post. I need to compile a list of book boyfriends. They are quite long. Like every Kristen Ashley man ever written. LOL

    1. LOL. Yes you and your Kristen Ashley men. :-) I need to keep a list of all the new ones that I am collecting. :-p

    2. Oh, and I just added a new book boyfriend to a new list for another post. Review up for him tomorrow.