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Reveiw: Lionheart (Moonshadow #3) by Thea Harrison

Lionheart by Thea Harrison

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Lionheart by Thea Harrison blurb

Lionheart is a fierce, passionate clash of wills as Kathryn battles to save Oberon's life and Oberon suffers from the after-effects of an assassination attempt. It will have your heart soaring, thumping, weeping in its majesty.

I love what Ms Harrison has done with the fae myths in her Moonshadow series as the series arcs through the life and challenges of the survivors of the Dark Court, their battle against the evil Isabeau, and Oberon's fight for his life. Ms Harrison brings a new twist to the myths with her Elder Races that is at once familiar and refreshing.

Quote The Dark Court sounded like it had a lot of heavy baggage. That meant it sounded like virtually every other Elder Races demesne in the world. Old creatures meant tangled grudges, ancient resentments, divided loyalties, and hidden motives. Just like home.

I have known of Dr Kathryn Shaw from all her appearances in the Elder Races series as she is the physician on retainer for Dragos and his people. She cared for Pia through her pregnancies and treated Dragos when he needed medical attention. What I didn't know was that she was such a bright flame in her own right. She's professional, yes, but she's also tenacious, brave, strong, and fierce. In the face of Oberon's will and dominance, and the cold-hearted effects of the poison in him, she stands firm in her treatment of him and what she believes. She is willing to take calculated risks and do what needs to be done to save a life. She is the epitome of a dedicated doctor but underneath that is also a woman who is passionate and compassionate. Her steel makes her the perfect partner for Oberon.

Quote She would be spiky, intellectually challenging, and she would never consent to disappearing meekly into the woodwork after the deed was done.

Quote She was everything he had ever hoped to find in a partner—she was strong, analytical, caring, and ethical, and deeply feminine and sexy. She surprised him and made him laugh. She made him rock hard with desire. She was someone to rely on when you had to face the worst challenges of your life. She was someone to trust when you had to place your life in her hands. There you are, he wanted to say. I’ve been looking for you all my life.

Quote She was completely fearless. She didn’t have nerves of steel, Oberon decided. She didn’t have any nerves at all.

I have always loved Oberon. Or rather, the stories of Oberon and his inclusiveness, the age-long conflict between the Dark Court that embraced everyone and the prejudice of the Light Court. Oberon has always stood out as a larger-than-life figure who is at one powerful but loving, caring, kind, and compassionate. A man who is a great leader and cares deeply for his people. Morgan's assassination attempt changed that in him. He became a cold, hard man, but because he remembered the man he once was, he took steps to fight for his life and his people. I loved seeing the two aspects of Oberon. The man who was under the influence of Morgan's poison and the man he used to be and became again. The man who created a safe haven for all the misfits of the world. The man who remembered who he was and who became that man again. I loved the difference. I loved the transition. And I loved the man Oberon is.

Quote “You provided a home for so many of us who’d never had one before, not until you said, ‘It doesn’t matter who or what race you are or if you are a mixture of many races. Come and pledge your loyalty to me. I will build a home for us and dedicate my life to protecting it.’” Ducking his head, Robin touched his arm quickly. “That happened many centuries ago, but I remember those words as if you had spoken them yesterday. It has always been my pleasure to serve you.”

Quote After dressing, he headed into the dead city. His dead city. He poked at himself, like poking at a sore tooth. He had ruined it. It was his responsibility. It meant nothing to him. He didn’t care. Presumably the man he had once been would have been saddened and horrified to have driven his people away, but the man he was right now liked the desolation, the silence, and the strange twists of ice that the howling wind and sea had wrought over the years. It felt… It felt like it mirrored the landscape inside him.

Quote Not even his own promises carried much meaning anymore. He only adhered to them out of a stubbornness born from that inexhaustible well of anger he carried deep inside. It was hard to come to grips with how much of his former self he had lost. The man he had been would have loathed what he had become. And he couldn’t feel it. He couldn’t feel any of it.

Quote The man who had surged out of the spell’s influence was strong, caring, clever and honest. He was honorable.

This book brought me great joy. It was a pleasure to read and immerse myself once again in Ms Harrison's world. There is a piercing, breathtaking quality to the writing that had me racing to the end and savoring every word at the same time. I can't wait to see what comes next.

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