Saturday, June 15, 2024

What Deanna Read #96: April and May 2024

Well, let's not talk about the fact that it's already June and I missed April's What Deanna Read. So here's April and May. Consider it a bonus month!! Bonuses are good right? Bright side!

Here's what I read for the last month.

A Masquerade With A Marquess by Tammy Andresen
A Masquerade With A Marquess
Until I Claim You by Callie Stevens
Boarlander Bash Bear by TS Joyce
Boarlander Bash Bear
Boarlander Silverback by TS Joyce

Snap Me Up by Landra Graf
Snap Me Up
Something Sweet by Cassie Mint
Something Sweet
Grumpy Fake Boyfriend by Jackie Lau
Grumpy Fake Boyfriend
Lost In The Wild by Cassie Mint
Lost In The Wild

Concrete Evidence by Rachel Grant
Concrete Evidence
Single Dads Club by Rebel Bloom
Single Dads Club
Punching and Kissing by Helena Newbury
Punching and Kissing
The Dashing McDonagh Sisters by Mandy Sayer
Those Dashing McDonagh Sisters
(book club read)

Breaking The Speed Limit by Melanie Moreland
Breaking The Speed Limit
People In Glass Houses by Jayne Castle
People In Glass Houses
Cold Pursuit by Toni Anderson
Cold Pursuit 🎧
The River Knows by Amanda Quick
The River Knows (reread)

Negotiation by Delta James
Escapade Her Billionaire by Lisa Marie Rice
Escapade Her Billionaire London
Stranded With A Dirty Talking Shifter by Olivia T Turner
Stranded With A Dirty-Talking Shifter
Under Study by Cassie Mint
Under Study

Knightqueen by Anna Hackett
One True Mate by Julie Trettel
One True Mate
Hans by SJ Tilly
Hans (reread)
Nero by SJ Tilly
Nero (reread)

Legend of Slaughter Mountain by TS Joyce
Legend of Slaughter Mountain
Charade Her Billionaire Paris by Lisa Marie Rice
Charade Her Billionaire Paris
Masquerade Her Billionaire Venice by Lisa Marie Rice
Masquerade Her Billionaire Venice
Tongue Tied by Cassie Mint
Tongue Tied

Reach of Slaughter Mountain by TS Joyce
Reach of Slaughter Mountain
Daddy Unleashed by Laylah Roberts
Daddy Unleashed

Okay, this looks like I read a fair bit, but that's two months of reading. Both months were about average. I didn't read a lot, a lot. Work has been busy. That said, the reading has been decent.

Right, I loved all the TS Joyce books I read. There's just something about her books that make me FEEL. So Reach of Slaughter Mountain and Legend of Slaughter Mountain ended the Bears of Slaughter Mountain series for me), and then I dove back into the Boarlander Bears series with Boarlander Silverback and Boarlander Bash Bear. Boarlander Bash Bear was exceptionally delightful. Bash Bear is such a wonderful hero. Her books just make me feel good. I'm trying to catch up and finish the older Damon's Mountain books as Ms Joyce has gone back to Damon's Mountain with a new series right now.

More Cassie Mint. Another favorite. Something Sweet, Lost In The Wild, Tongue Tied and Under Study were all super cute. Sweet, a little bit steamy, and romantic. These are total comfort reads for me.

Something a bit different, but it's been sitting in my library for ages. Punching and Kissing by Helena Newbury. This was intense and probably darker than I normally read, but I really enjoyed it. It's quite edgy and gritty. At some points very violent and graphic, and there are some things that happen which can be quite disturbing. If you're going to try this, read the trigger warnings.

I've gotten back into listening to the Cold Justice series in audio by Toni Anderson with Cold Pursuit. I love Eric G Dove as a narrator. He's on my top 5 list of narrators so I'm excited there's plenty of him to listen to.

And finally, another go-to, auto-buy, favorite author. A new book with People In Glass Houses under Jayne Castle, and The River Knows, a reread, under Amanda Quick. Both wonderful. There's just something about Ms Krentz's banter between her two main characters that I find delightful.

Oh, I reread Nero and Hans as well, but I think I've reached my saturation point with these two books, so I think that's it with them for a while.

Finally, finally. Knightqueen by Anna Hackett which closes out the Oronis Knights series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and of course, an age gap romance with a grumpy hero. Yeah! That totally worked for me.

Ooooohhhh...I just realized that I left out Daddy Unleashed by Laylah Roberts. I was completely obsessed with Remy (one of the heroes) in this book. Gosh, when I was done, I kinda wanted to go back and reread it just to wallow in Remy. I might do that at some point soon, too.

That's it from me. What did you read last month?

PS. I have made my list for my top 10 for 2023 (hey, that's progress!!), so that's coming soon. Soon...

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  1. Well this is a long post as I read loads in April and May. Good job as so far in June I've only finished one book.
    Another month of reading through Rachel Grant's back list. The Evidence Series
    Also, a lot of Veronica Scott re-reads, as I read one to refresh my memory before a new one, then read a load more. They are so good though
    1 Locked on Ice by Cynthia Eden. Ice Breaker Cold Case #9. USA, Georgia

    2 Star Cruise Mystery Dancer by Veronica Scott. Space. A re-read

    3 The House on Biscayne Bay by Chanel Cleeton. USA, Florida

    4 Tourist Season by Brenda Novak. USA, Massachusetts, Utah, Louisiana, California

    5 The Golden Token by Veronica Scott. Sectors Short story. Space. Another re-read

    6 Respite:Variant 7 by Sandra R Neeley. USA, Texas, Illinois

    7 A Taste of Whiskey by Melissa Foster. The Whiskeys:Dark Knights at Redemption Ranch #4. USA, Colorado

    8 Star Cruise Dream Dancer by Veronica Scott. Star Cruise #10. Space

    9 Star Cruise:Marooned by Veronica Scott. Star Cruise #1. A reread

    10 Death in the Spires by KJ Charles. UK, London, Oxford

    11 The Trouble with Rylee by Katie Reus. USA, Florida

    12 Into the Storm by Rachel Grant. Evidence:Under Fire #1. USA, Washington State

    13 Withholding Evidence by Rachel Grant. Evidence:Under Fire #3. USA, Maryland, Virginia

    14 Incriminating Evidence by Rachel Grant. Evidence:Under Fire #4. USA, Maryland, Alaska

    15 Danger in the Stars by Veronica Scott. Space. A reread

    16 Star Cruise:Stowaway by Veronica Scott. Space. A reread

    17 Star Cruise:Rescue by Veronica Scott. Space. A reread

    18 Star Survivor by Veronica Scott. Nebula Dream Trilogy #2. Space. Another re-read

    19 Covert Evidence by Rachel Grant. Evidence:Under Fire #5. Turkey, Syria, Iraq, USA, Maryland

    20 Hostage to the Stars by Veronica Scott. Sectors SF Romance. Space. Another re-read

    21 Cold Evidence by Rachel Grant Evidence:Under Fire #6. USA, Washington State

    22 Two Against the Stars by Veronica Scott. Space. A re-read
    19 Before the Storm:One Hot Night by Rachel Grant. Evidence under Fire prequel. USA, Washington

    1 Poison Evidence by Rachel Grant. Evidence: #7. Republic of Palau, Grand Cayman

    2 I Married Krogal by Regine Abel. Prime Mating Agency #11. Space

    3 KnightQueen by Anna Hackett. Oronis Knights #3. Space

    4 KnightQueen bonus epilogue by Anna Hackett. Oronis Knights #3. Space

    5 Silent Evidence by Rachel Grant. Evidence: #8. USA, West Virginia, Maryland

    6 Winter Hawk by Rachel Grant. Evidence: #9. USA, Washington DC

    7 Tainted Evidence by Rachel Grant. Evidence: #10. USA, Oregon

    8 Broken Falcon by Rachel Grant. Evidence: #11. USA, Virginia

    9 Trust Me by Rachel Grant. Evidence:Under Fire #2. Jordan/USA, Maryland

    10 Night Owl by Rachel Grant. Evidence Novella. USA, Alaska

    11 The Mermaid by Anki Edvinsson. Detectives Von Klint and Berg #2. Sweden, Umeå/Stockholm

    12 Cold Fury by Toni Anderson. Cold Justice Most Wanted #4. USA, Massachusetts

    13 Cold Fury bonus epilogue by Toni Anderson. Cold Justice Most Wanted #4. USA, Massachusetts

    14 The Life she Had by Kelley Armstrong. USA, Florida

    15 Yule Island by Johana Gustawsson. Sweden, Stockholm

    16 The Curse of the Alien Ring by Veronica Scott. Sectors SF Romance Series. Space

    17 Thin Ice by Lane Hayes. Elmwood Stories #4. USA, New York, Vermont, Michigan. Canada, Toronto

    18 Hot Soldier Sniper by Cindy Dees. Blackjacks #6. South America

    19 Alien in Disguise by Cara Bristol. Forbidden Bonds #5. Space

    20 Mind Games by Nora Roberts. USA, Kentucky

    21 Escape from Zulaire by Veronica Scott. Space. A reread

    22 Grave Danger by Rachel Grant. USA, Washington


    1. That's quite a list you've got there. Definitely a lot of rereads.

      I'm slowly making my way through Toni Anderson's Cold Justice series, but I'm doing it on audio, so it's slow.

      Wow, that's a lot of Rachel Grant you went through. You're obviously enjoying them.