Friday, April 26, 2024

What Deanna Read #95: March 2024

Hey, look at me, I've got this started early in the month. Let's hope I get it done early and uploaded without delay. Cross your fingers for me. That said, I don't think I read that many books in March. It was a busy month and I had crazy work deadlines, we went away for my birthday, and now I'm of the age where I need a holiday to recover from a holiday.

Here's what I read for the last month.

Exposed by Kaylea Cross
Exposed 🎧
Daddy's Little Second Chance by Honey Meyer
Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh
Lord of the Abyss
Unwilling Wolf by TS Joyce

Outlaw by AG Wilde
Defender of Slaughter Mountain by TS Joyce
Defender of Slaughter Mountain
War Bear of Piston by TS Joyce
War Bear of Piston
How The Hitman Stole Christmas by Katie Reus
How The Hitman Stole Christmas

Alpha's Moon by Renee Rose and Lee Savino
Alpha's Moon
Burn by Anna Hackett
Kissing Lessons by Cassie Mint
Kissing Lessons
Wrangler by Dani Wyatt

The Sniper by Olivia T Turner
The Sniper
Magnus by Violet Rae
Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz
Eclipse Bay
Aldo by Melanie Moreland

Well, I did read a little more in March than I did in February. Good stuff. That said, you should know that not included here are all the books I read for work as they are as yet unpublished, so they don't count. I only include published books in this list that I can track on Goodreads.

I finally decided to get stuck back into TS Joyce and dove into the Bears of Slaughter Mountain series. The first two books were awesome, of course. I forget how much I love Ms Joyce's writing. She does romance beautifully, and there's a certain understated humor in it which works for me and I find parts of her story hilarious.

I read an oldie by Jayne Ann Krentz, Eclipse Bay which kicks off a bunch of popular repeating characters, one of them being Arizona Snow. Thoroughly enjoyed this and will read the rest of the series soon.

Kissing Lessons by Cassie Mint was adorable. Super duper cute and it was just what I needed after my crazy work deadline got done and I needed something to help my brain wind down.

Am still loving the Fury Brothers series by Anna Hackett. Burn came out in March and I was really looking forward to Kavner's story. Ms Hackett did not disappoint. I loved his confidence.

Finally, I finished the last available audiobook in Kaylea Cross's Hostage Rescue Team series, Exposed. The series still has six more books to go, but those are not out in audio and from what I can tell, Ms Cross does not have plans to release them in audio. Sadness. This series was my go-to listen for while I was cooking.

That's it from me. What did you read lat month?

PS. I have made my list for my top 10 for 2023 (hey, that's progress!!), so that's coming soon. Soon...

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  1. Those JAK books look interesting. Sadly not available in the UK in kindle though. I've discovered Rachel Grant's book, some of which I've had for years. She's so good and I'm ploughing through the back catalogue. And a new nordik noir with Anki Edvinsson. So here goes March, which was a great month of reading. And travel!

    1 The Messy Life of Jane Tanner by Brenda Novak. Coyote Canyon #3. USA, Montana

    2 Falling for Raine by Lane Hayes. USA, Las Vegas. UK, London, Cornwall

    3 Ice Cold Kiss by Cynthia Eden. Ice Breaker Cold Case #8. USA, Colorado, North Dakota

    4 Strike Zone by Cynthia Sax. Dauntless Cyborgs #1. Space

    5 Dead Letter Days by Kelley Armstrong. Rockton novella. Canada

    6 Murder at Haven's Rock by Kelley Armstrong. Haven's Rock #1. Canada

    7 Dream Eyes by Jayne Anne Krentz. Dark Legacy #2. USA, Washington State, Caribbean. A real blast from the past. 2013

    8 Olivia by Tasha Black. Alien Surrogate Agency #6. Space

    9 Olivia bonus epilogue by Tasha Black. Alien Surrogate Agency #6. Space

    10 Burn by Anna Hackett. Fury Brothers #3. USA, Louisiana

    11 Burn bonus epilogue by Anna Hackett. Fury Brothers #3. USA, Louisiana

    12 Breaking the Alien Love Curse by Veronica Scott. Space. A reread

    13 Sunset by Amy Lane. Bonfires #3. USA, California

    14 The Boy who Cried Bear by Kelley Armstrong. Haven's Rock #2. Canada

    15 Tinderbox by Rachel Grant. Flashpoint #1. Djibouti, Somalia

    16 Catalyst by Rachel Grant. Flashpoint #2. Djibouti, South Sudan, Morocco

    17 Firestorm by Rachel Grant. Flashpoint #3. Djibouti, Tanzania, DC Congo, USA, Kentucky

    18 Inferno by Rachel Grant. Flashpoint #4. Djibouti, USA, Kentucky

    19 Before the Storm:One Hot Night by Rachel Grant. Evidence under Fire prequel. USA, Washington

    20 The Snow Angel by Anki Edvinsson. Detectives Von Klint and Berg #1. Sweden, Umeå

    21 Concrete Evidence by Rachel Grant. Evidence Series #1. Mexico, USA, Maryland, California

    22 Body of Evidence by Rachel Grant. Evidence Series #2. North Korea, USA, Maryland, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Arizona, Michigan, New Jersey

    1. Oh wow, I had no idea that that particular JAK series was not available in the UK. I looked too. How odd.

      You had a huge month in March too. I think that's more than your usual number of reads.

    2. Yes I did very little else. Lol.