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Perfume Reviews #1: Do you want to smell like caramel and popcorn?

Perfume review

You guys, I am so burned out, it's not funny. I've been tackling a couple of huge sets of edits for author clients on the work front and my brain is kaput. I can't even blame menopause. I need to get my What Deanna Read done for February, but I'm going to wait till I have more brain power on that.

In the meantime, here's a little something I can share with you quickly because it's already done. A little bit of a cheat on my part since I'm lifting existing content, but at least it's funny...or I think it is.

You may not know, but aside from books, my other big passion is perfume. I love things that smell good. I have a little side hustle where I sell some perfumes, but mostly, it's just fun and I like to smell nice things. I'm in a couple of local online perfume groups, and I share reviews and chat about perfume in them with like interests. I've made some lovely perfume friends.

Anyhoo, I'm a giant perfume nerd and I love to go deep into the science and chemistry of scents, but also love to talk about notes, experiences, etc. I've got a personal YouTube channel where I throw up very random and very unedited vidieos called Deanna's Life and I have a bunch of perfume related content on there if you're curious.

Aside from that, here's a couple of recent reviews I thought were very funny and well received in the group. I thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy them.

Kerosene Followed

Kerosene Followed review

❤️Kerosene Followed - I originally got a decant of this and didn't think much of it. Not sure why since I looked back at my original thoughts which said 2 sprays lasted 12 hours on me. But for some weird reason, it didn't leave much of an impression on me and I didn't love it. So recently, I was chatting with the lovely Sophia Vera and she was wanting to get rid of her decant of it and I grabbed it off her because she said it was so strong, she'd stuck it into her cupboard. It was like being put into the naughty corner which made me laugh. I received it and tried it. One tiny spray (which I sprayed in the car because I wanted to see how the scent would carry or linger the next time we get in. I've heard people say it lasts forever in the car). Anyway, I did a proper spray in the house. Just ONE spray. It smelled nice, but to me it's a very single dimensional chocolate caramel. It's got great projection and I could smell it on myself because it's unusual for me to smell scents on myself. A couple hours later, I go into the bedroom and hubby is, why do I smell caramel?

This conversation ensues:

Quotes:  Me: it's a perfume, I got a decant.
Him: it smells like caramel.
Me: do you like it?
Him: no, it's too strong. It makes me want to eat caramel.
Me: why don't you like it? You love caramel.
Him: to eat, not to smell.
**a few minutes later**
Him: I can still smell it. Get rid of it.
Also him: I hate it.
Him again: wash it off.
**an hour later. Hubby walks into the kitchen/living area**
Him: OMG! I can smell it out here too. What did you do? Spill the bottle?

Y'all, wait till he gets into the car tomorrow and smells it. He's going to flip. I am an evil, evil wife.

PS. The original decant I got even with 2 sprays didn't get this kind of reaction from hubby and we sat through lunch and a movie with me wearing it that time.

PPS. Will report back later to see how long it lasts on me. Most decent scents average about 4 to 6 hours on me.

PPPS. If you ever think you want a full bottle, you don't need it. A decant is going to last you forever. All you need is one or two sprays. Do NOT overspray this.

UPDATE: I'm on hour #18 and it's not a light skin scent on me. Hubby said the projection had calmed down by about hour #8 in the bedroom when he came in for the night.

Demeter Popcorn

Demeter Popcorn review

❤️I'm going to chalk this one up to men being strange creatures if you guys remember my post about hubby's reaction to Kerosene Followed. Anyway, I like to spritz hubby in the evening with whatever random scent I feel like and sniff him. Yes, I know, weird, but also fun. Anyway, last night I decide to finally unpack after being home for two weeks and pull out this bottle of Demeter Popcorn I bought from Lore Perfumery as a last minute impulse buy while walking out of the store. It was a cheapie and I thought, hey, I like to smell like buttered popcorn. First off, it smells almost exactly like buttered popcorn, so yum! For those of you who don't like smelling like food, you can quit reading now. So, I spray hubby and he's immediately sniffing his arm.

This follows:

Quotes:  Me: **sprays hubby generously with Demeter Popcorn**
Hubby: **sniffing his arm** What's this? I know this smell.
Hubby: **still sniffing** What is this? It's making me hungry.
Me: It's buttered popcorn.
Hubby: **sniff, sniff** It smells good. And now I want a snack. I should have some popcorn. I can't be bothered making popcorn. I'll have some nuts.
Hubby: **five minutes later, goes off to look for a snack in the kitchen. Comes back with a bowl of nuts**

**This morning**
Hubby: **sniffing his arm and sounding sad** I don't smell like popcorn anymore.

Why in the heck did he object so strongly to smelling like caramel (Kerosene Followed) but loves smelling like popcorn? I do not understand men.

PS. It's delicious and I would love a version of this that has more longevity, but for the price, I'll just keep spraying it.

PPS. This is just some fun. Don't take it too seriously.

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That's it on the perfume front for now. Let me know what you think of these little snippets. If you enjoy them, I'll share more in the future when I do more of them.

Stay well and more book stuff to come.

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  1. Gosh it's years since I wore perfume. I never really got on with it

    1. I went through a phase of not wearing much, but I do love it. I'm back into wearing it again and having a lot of fun with it.