Monday, November 25, 2019

Review: Paradise Ties (Fortis Security #8.5) by Maddie Wade

Paradise Ties by Maddie Wade

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Paradise Ties by Maddie Wade blurb

Paradise Ties is warm, emotional, comforting with a dash of action and adventure thrown in. It's everything you want a wedding novella to be. It's visiting old friends and catching up with them to see where everyone is at.

Dane and Lauren, and Jace and Lucy are having a double wedding. Along with all the stress of planning a wedding and making sure it's perfect, it's also a time for the Fortis team to relax, hang out, reconnect, and spend some quality time together. Of course, it's not a Fortis Wedding without some danger thrown into the mix.

The story is filled with beloved characters, a few new faces, and all the warmth and heart you've come to expect from a Fortis story. The wedding itself was beautiful and romantic, but on top of that the relationships between the couples, and all the other characters are endearing and emotional. The wedding even brought a few tears to my eyes.

It's great to see Dane and Lauren, as well as Dane and Lucy have their dreams come true, with a dream wedding and a bright future ahead of them. It's everything you want a wedding novella to be.

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