Friday, September 8, 2023

What Deanna Read #88: August 2023

Did y'all know that the best intentions with getting back into things can be completely railroaded by menopause if you're a woman of a certain age? Geez!! Life has not been fun recently. Menopause. Zero stars. Do not recommend. But onwards...

Here's what I read for the last month.

Shielding Rosie by Alexa Riley
Shielding Rosie
Heat Cycle by Evangeline Anderson
Step-Farmer by Dani Wyatt
Madame President by MK Moore

Saving Daddy by Laylah Roberts
Saving Daddy
Daddy's Obsession by Laylah Roberts
Daddy's Obsession
Their Christmas Baby by Laylah Roberts
Their Christmas Baby
How To Love Your Elf by Kerrelyn Sparks
How To Love Your Elf

Dangerous by Amanda Quick
Daddy Bear by Laylah Roberts
Daddy Bear
Daddy's Waiting by Pepper North
Daddy's Waiting
Salvation In Death by JD Robb
Salvation In Death

A very short reading month. Short as in not many books. August was a long month when it came to number of days and yet I didn't get a lot of reading done. There were some good books though.

I'm trying to get back into catching up on the JD Robb In Death series. I just managed to squeak in with Salvation In Death. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It reminded me that I need to read them more often since there are so many in the series to catch up on.

I also binged some Laylah Roberts and got completely caught up on her MC Daddies series with Saving Daddy. Then launched into Crime Boss Daddies. I think I read two books in the Crime Boss Daddies series but I seem to have forgotten to add one of them in my reading list. I'll need to rectify that and it'll appear in next month's list. And I also got started on the Montana Daddies series. Can you tell I'm on a Daddy kick? No one does this trope like Laylah Roberts. If you think you want to dip your toe into it, I recommend Motorcycle Daddy which is the first in the MC Daddies series. Reserve judgement until you've read it.

Of course, I read a Dani Wyatt and her books are the epitome of dirty and hot. Oof! Be prepared to have your Kindle melt and for you to be scandalised. Step-Farmer was naughty and yet I couldn't look away.

That's it from me. What did you read in August?

Stay tuned for what Helen read too. It's coming. I promise, I will get to it... I know I said that last month, but I'm getting there...

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  1. I read Amanda Quick's Dangerous years ago and I loved her stories they were favourites in our family I haven't read one for years, I haven't read any J D Robb books there are way too many for me to try and catch up on LOL, as long as you are still reading and enjoying that is always good :)

    Have Fun


    1. Amanda Quick is a favorite for both Steve and I.

      Yeah, there are so many books in the JD Robb series it's a challenge to catch up if you're only just starting now. As it is there's plenty for me to catch up on and I think it will still take a while.

  2. Fortunately I'm up to date with JD Robb. Here goes August. A new Nordic Noir by Yrsa Sigurdadottir. This was really creepy. A great read though don't read it before bedtime!

    1 Strive for Forever by Cynthia Sax. Cyborg Unity #4. Space

    2 Wild Island Love by Melissa Foster. The Steeles at Silver Island #5
    USA, Massachusetts

    3 How to Con a Crime Boss by Cynthia Eden. Wilde Ways:Gone Rogue #3. USA, Louisiana New Orleans

    4 Compulsory by Martha Wells. Murderbot Diaries Short Story. Space

    5 Sailing to Singapore with the Tycoon by Ruby Basu. UK, London; Portugal, Italy, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore

    6 I Married Wonjin by Regine Abel. Prime Mating Agency. Space

    7 Unknown by Jordan L Hawk. Rath and Rune #3. USA

    8 Alien Incognito by Cara Bristol. Forbidden Bonds #2. Space

    9 The Diary of Giselle Cartier by Cara Bristol. Bonus Prologue. Space

    10 Shadow Trail by Rosanne Bittner. Outlaw Hearts #6. USA, Wyoming, Colorado

    11 The Prey by Yrsa Sigurdadottir. Iceland

    12 Talulah's back in Town by Brenda Novak. Coyote Canyon #1. USA, Montana

    13 Second Shot by Cindy Dees. Helen Warwick #1. USA, Washington DC

    14 Life Force by Rebecca York. Decorah Security Agency #25. USA, Las Vegas

    15 Compromised by Lisa Hughey. Alias Private Witness Security #5. USA, Washington. Canada

    16 Protecting Rebel by Katie Reus. Red Stone Security #21. USA, Miami

    1. That's a very good month you had of reading. Some great books too. Loving that you're including the locations of your book settings.

    2. It's such an awesome way to travel without leaving your home. That's my preferred way to travel.

    3. Haha, I'd rather travel physically. Though perhaps not to outer space!

    4. I know a lot of people love to travel, but I've done so much of it in my life, I'm quite over it. Any plans to head to Beni soon?