Monday, July 8, 2019

What Deanna Read #41: June 2019

Yeah, this getting this post out late is getting to be a habit but I have a very good reason this time. I had eye surgery towards the end of June and I needed time to recover. I wasn't certain how long things would take to settle down so I planned a few reviews earlier in the month first so that the bloggity was covered in my absence. My eyes were extremely blurry for the first few days and will continue to be blurry for the next two to six weeks until things stabilize. In the meantime, I am reading on my Kindle with a GIANT font. And I mean GIANT. Because I cannot see with a regular sized font. My Steve calls it my "granny font". LOL. I kinda like it. Anyway, from the first check up I had with my doctor, my eyes are healing nicely.

Here's what I read for the month.

Not many books read this month and I do not really know why. It seems to have been a busy month but also a short reading month because of eye surgery. That took out a little over a week of reading time for m.

The big read for the month was Lexxie Couper's Dangerous Desire series. What a fun series! It's hot, sexy, and violent. You need to be up for this kind of story to read it but they are quick, short reads and hella fun. I loved the hero Lucas.

Secondly, late in the month (almost didn't make it for June!!) I read the FREAKING EPIC series from Serena Akeroyd which is her new release trilogy, The Caelum Academy Trilogy with Seven WishesEight Souls, and Nine Lives. Y'all, this series is brillaint. You need to read it!!!

Virgin Tribute by Delta James was an interesting read and I enjoyed it despite the rather difficult heroine. Ms James is a new-to-me author and I think I'll be reading more of her.

That's it from me. What did you read for this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for Helen's books next.

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  1. A slow reading month for me too. I was in Benidorm for half of it and Other things to do. Places to go, cava to drink, that sort of thing! July looks promising already though. Glad your surgery went well. Anyway, here goes.

    1. Aces over Queen by Susan Hayes. Drift #8.

    2. Stealing Vengeance by Kaylea Cross. Vengeance #1. A great start to a new series about the badass Valkyries from previous books

    3. Badari Warriors Baby by Veronica Scott. Badari Warriors series #8

    4. Cowboys don't Samba by Tara Lain

    5. Special Forces The Operator by Cindy Dees. Mission Medusa #3. I do love The Medusas but far too obviously political. Why can't authors make up the name of the country

    6. Dom by Anna Hackett. Hell Squad #18. One of the best of this series now reaching its end game

    7. Hither, Page by Cat Sebastian. Shenanigans in post war England

    8. Maestra Rising by Pauline Baird Jones. Love this series but phew they take some reading!


    1. Gill, since you visit Benidorm so frequently, do you live in Spain? And I only know Benidorm because my BFF lives there. I've never visited. As busy as you've been, some reading is better than no reading.

  2. No, I live in UK. Sadly! I wish I did live in Benidorm.

  3. Hi Deanna

    I do hope that the eye surgery works well and the size of the font will soon be back to normal hugs

    Not a bad list though with the surgery and sounds like you really enjoyed them that is the best

    Have Fun


    1. Thanks Helen. It's a slow recovery but I'm getting there. Another 3 weeks to go.