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Review: Marry In Haste (Marriage of Convenience #1) by Anne Gracie #HelenReviews

Marry In Haste by Anne Gracie

Marry In Haste (Marriage of Convenience #1) by Anne Gracie
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Marry In Haste by Anne Gracie blurb

Book review by HelenWOW!! Oh My God! I think I have a new very favourite hero in Calbourne Rutherford, Lord Ashendon. Ms Gracie has done it again! She has written a story that is not put-downable and just beautiful. This one had me laughing, shedding a few tears and just sighing as Cal has his life turned upside down by four very gorgeous and headstrong females. My advice? Clear the decks and get yourself comfortable and settle in for a fabulous read.

Cal has returned to England after fighting in the war on the trail of an assassin and finds out that he now has a lot of responsibilities. He decides that he needs a lot of help with his sisters and now a niece he has discovered. He is in Bath and is having a devil of a time with his sisters when he meets the girls’ teacher and determines after a couple of meetings that a wife of convenience should work and he can then get back to finding his assassin, but life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan and Cal is about to find out with his beautiful and very open bride.

Miss Emmaline Westwood is teaching young girls since she left home years before. She has no family and does what is needed but she is very independent and says what she thinks, so when she meets Lord Ashendon and he offers her a position as companion that she refuses then the offer of marriage of convenience Emm concedes that this may be just what she needs, but of course, she will not be walked all over and their wedding night proves that life is going to change for Emm.

I loved this one from page one. I was laughing so much throughout. Emm and Cal are just made for each other. Emm’s personality works so well with Cal and his idea that these girls, his family will run smoothly and let him get back to what he thinks he should be doing, well maybe not. Seeing Cal come undone by Emm and the girls is marvellous. Truly, I am speechless and still smiling. I cannot recommend this book enough. Don’t miss out on it whatever you do and woohoo! it is the first in a series. Yay! and really I think Cal has taken over from Gideon (from The Perfect Rake) for me. Thank you so much, Ms Gracie. This is a fabulous story that will stay with me for a long time to come. So beautifully written, sensual and amazing.

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  1. I never miss and Anne Gracie book they are just so fabulous and I can highly recommend this one :)

    Have Fun

    1. Anne Gracie is an amazing writer. I need to catch up on her books.

  2. Thanks so much for this lovely review Helen. <3

  3. Yay! Yes, this was a wonderful read for sure :)

    1. I love her books but I haven't read one in ages. I'm so behind on her books.

  4. That sounds great, glad to hear that you liked it.