Wednesday, May 11, 2022

What Helen Read #71: April 2022

Surprisingly, things are rather calm right now. I'm grateful for it though yesterday was busy and well, the last month has been busy. I'm kinda glad I am feeling somewhat caught up, plus I've been rather diligently setting up a to-do list and checking it off daily. That has really helped. How was your April?

Here's what Helen read for the last month.

Wild Place by Christian White
Wild Place (Amazon AU)

The Little Wartime Library by Kate Thompson
The Little Wartime Library

A Caravan Like A Canary by Sasha Walsey
A Caravan Like A Canary (Amazon AU)

One Night With Her Forgotten Husband by Annie West
One Night With Her Forgotten Husband

Wedding Date In Malaysia by Michelle Douglas
Wedding Date In Malaysia

The Summer of Everything by Michelle Montebello
The Summer Of Everything

The Devil Within by Tanya Nellestein
The Devil Within

Rising Dust by Fleur McDonald
Rising Dust

A Winning Betrayal by Louise Guy
A Winning Betrayal

Hunter By Name by Ann B Harrison
Hunter By Name

The Last Station by Nicole Alexander
The Last Station (Amazon AU)

The Inca's Curse by Ellen Read
The Inca's Curse

The Vet's Country Holiday by Lily Malone
The Vet's Country Holiday

The Dachshund Wears By Prada by Stefanie London
The Dachshund Wears Prada

Kakadu Sunset by Annie Seaton
Kakadu Sunset

Dinner With The Schnabels by Toni Jordan
Dinner With The Schnabels (Amazon AU)

Cinderella's Invitation To Greece by Melanie Milburne
Cinderella's Invitation To Greece

Helen always has a fabulous reading month. Let's see what stood out for her.

So many good books again this month. 😊

Annie West, Michelle Douglas and Melanie Milburne all had releases and there is no way I would miss reading them and again I was not disappointed, fabulous reads all of them.

Stefanie London has a new release in a new series with The Dachshund Wears Prada and it is a hoot of a story. It is beautifully written with fabulous characters and a gorgeous dachshund called Camila. Don’t miss this one!

The Little Wartime Library by Kate Thompson was such a beautiful read, and who doesn’t love a library and a moving romance set with a backdrop of World War II?

Lily Malone has another rural romance out, The Vet's Country Holiday. This one is witty and such a great read.

Michelle Montebello has a new one out too, The Summer Of Everything. Don’t miss this one. It is a must read and I can’t wait for the next one.

I must mention Ann B Harrison’s Hunter By Name. Ann has written in a new genre and released a thriller mystery. It is an absolute page turner. Wow! A fabulous book that I highly recommend. Fleur McDonald never disappoints with one of her Dave Burrows stories.

I read my first Louise Guy story and I am hooked and looking forward to more.

I will leave it there this month 😊 all great stories.

Have fun, Helen.

Well, that's it for what Helen read. What did you think? Did you read the same books? Different books? What did you read this month? Tell us below.

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