Monday, March 14, 2022

What Helen Read #69: February 2022

Well, it's been a heck of a couple of weeks. I've been crazy busy with work and learning a few new skills to help support the authors I work with. It's been a huge learning curve, long nights in the office, and long days too. I've even gotten up in the middle of the night at 2am or so and got back into the office to work for a few hours then tiring and going back to bed to sleep for a couple more hours before getting up for the day. The dangers of working from home. That said, it's work I enjoy and I'm enjoyed the challenge of learning something new. Still a long ways to go yet, but I'm getting there. As a result of that, my reading time has been quite limited, but I'm getting a bit of reading in.Oh, I should mention, if you want to stalk me everywhere, go here.

Here's what Helen read for the last month.

Dressed By Iris by Mary-Anne O'Connor
Dressed By Iris (Amazon AU)

Fancy Meeting You Here by Ali Berg and Michelle Klaus
Fancy Meeting You Here

Lily Harford's Last Request by Joanna Buckley
Lily Harford's Last Request

Deadly Wipeout by Beth Prentice
Deadly Wipeout

Tidal Wave by Beth Prentice
Tidal Wave

Dead Horse Gap by Lee Christine
Dead Horse Gap

Three Times Tempted by Anna Campbell
Three Times Tempted

The Bachelor Betrayal by Maddison Michaels
The Bachelor Betrayal

Escape With Her Greek Tycoon by Michelle Douglas
Escape With Her Greek Tycoon

Long Meg And The Wicked Baron by Pamela Hart
Long Meg And The Wicked Baron

Treasured Tears by Kendall Talbot
Treasured Tears

The Very Last List Of Vivian Walker by Megan Albany
The Very Last List Of Vivian Walker

The Cane by Maryrose Cuskelly
The Cane

The Hero Next Door by Carrie Nichols
The Hero Next Door

A Family Of Strangers by Fiona Lowe
A Family Of Strangers

Snowy Mountains Cattleman by Alissa Callen
Snowy Mountains Cattleman

The Cost Of Their Royal Fling by Lucy Monroe
The Cost Of Their Royal Fling

The Trivia Night by Ali Lowe
The Trivia Night

Summer In Bellbird Bay by Maggie Christensen
Summer In Bellbird Bay

Helen always has a fabulous reading month. Let's see what stood out for her.

Another fabulous reading month with a variety of stories that kept me very entertained with many different emotions this month, picking standouts is always hard but I will do my best. 😊

Three historicals this month and I loved them all. Anna Campbell’s third in her new series, Three Times Tempted. It was one of her best yet. Maddison Michaels second in her series, The Bachelor Betrayal. This one is filled with spies and danger and a sensual romance. Finally, a novella from Pamela Hart, Long Meg And The Wicked Baron. Isn’t that a fabulous title and it is a lovely read.

Favourite author, Michelle Douglas has a new one out, Escape With Her Greek Tycoon. It was a beauty of a story. Maggie Christensen has a new series she does write fabulous older heroes and heroines and Summer In Bellbird Bay is a great start to the series.

A couple of cosy mysteries from Beth Prentice had me invested and smiling. Tidal Wave and Deadly Wipeout are both fabulous stories. The last in the Treasure Hunters series from Kendal Talbot, Treasured Tears finished the series so well.

Alissa Callen has a new rural romance out, Snowy Mountains Cattleman. What a gorgeous story and I can’t not mention Fiona Lowe’s newest, A Family Of Strangers. It's a brilliant read.

I will stop there but rest assured all of the above books depending on what you fancy are great reads.

Have fun, Helen.

Well, that's it for what Helen read. What did you think? Did you read the same books? Different books? What did you read this month? Tell us below.

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  1. I forgot to add this to my standouts

    Dressed by Iris by Mary-Anne O’Connor this is a moving and beautiful story set in Sydney in the 1930s a gorgeous story of romance and determination set during the depression

    Truly again I would highly recommend all of the books on this list they reallya re great reads depending on what you fancy reading :)

    Have Fun


    1. Oh, I thought you meant you left it off the list. Sorry, lovely. I'm glad you included it in your comment. xoxo.

  2. Helen, thanks so much for the shout-out!!! Love that you enjoyed Imogen's story so much.