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Review: Treasured Tears (Treasure Hunters #6) by Kendall Talbot #HelenReviews

Treasured Tears by Kendall Talbot

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Treasured Tears by Kendall Talbot

Book review by HelenThis is another action-packed story in this wonderful series. If you like your stories with suspense and danger, and with characters that are just the best people to be friends with, in the love and support they show each other, then this is the book and series to read. I loved it and being back with Archer, Rosalina, Jimmy, Alessandro, and Ginger as well as Nonna and Helen was fabulous.

Rosalina is eight months pregnant and has stayed at home with her Nonna while Archer and Jimmy are off in the Caribbean searching for a plane that has gone down and it is not a dive that they are happy to be doing but it must be done to save everyone and complete the contract they made. It is a dangerous dive in shark infested waters and what they discover makes things even worse.

As time ticks by and a madman decides he wants revenge on this group of people, who in his mind have caused nothing but pain for him, he arrives in Italy to do what he must. This puts them all in real danger, big danger. Will he get his revenge? Rosalina is so concerned about the birth of their baby and what their life will be like if they are still hunting treasure. Will Archer even be there for the birth of their baby?

This is the final book in this fabulous series and I will miss hunting treasure with them all and hearing about the beautiful artifacts they find and spending time with them on their beautiful yacht, the fabulous meals they eat. I will miss the excitement and the love that Archer and Rosa share, times spent with Alessandro and Ginger and Jimmy. There have been many good times too. Nonna is such a fabulous character and Helen, Archer’s mother.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish there were some nail-biting moments and some where I was cheering them on. It is a story that I would highly recommend it.

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  1. This really was a fabulous ending to this series, I have loved all of the books :)

    Have Fun


    1. Your review is so good I'm going to check out the series.