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Review: The Coach (Kephart College #2) by Cassie Mint

The Coach by Cassie Mint

The Coach (Kephart College #2) by Cassie Mint
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The Coach by Cassie Mint blurb

The Coach is strength, courage and attraction, but it's also triumph over fear and despair. This is Ms Mint at her best. It's certainly one of her best books I've read so far.

When I read the blurb for this book before it was published I wondered how the story would go. I knew I would read it since it's Ms Mint and I love her books. She's become one of those authors whose books I will get right away on launch day and dive straight into. It helps that her books are short and easy to digest. And they leave me wanting more which is a great feeling.

Before I go on to talk about Joshua and Peyton, I want to talk about how Ms Mint's books make me feel. They are romantic and happy books. There's a little angst to hike up the tension but not so much that it puts me off. They are easy to read and lots of fun, with plenty of sexiness to them. Yes, there's a formula to the plot but that's always the case with romance novels by a particular author. If you read enough of their books you fall into a familiarity with their stories that you can sense the rhythm in them. Most importantly though, Ms Mint's stories make me feel good. I come away from them feeling happy, satisfied, and with a warm, romantic bubble in my chest and a smile on my face. All the hallmarks of a good book.

I think the reason I love this book of Ms Mint's so much above her other equally enjoyable books is because there is so much strength and compassion in the characters. Peyton has suffered a terrible injury and loss. It has caused her trauma, given her a fear of something she used to love, and she can no longer do what she loved anymore while impaired and fearful. But she's brave and determined. So brave and so determined. She works so hard to overcome her fear and her handicap. She faces it down day after day, night after night as she goes to the college pool to practice and train, all the while pushing back her fear and working on conquer it. She is someone to be admired.

And Joshua. He's so compassionate and so patient. He's in awe of Peyton for her strength and her perseverance. He calls her a warrior and he's determined to help her. I love that he pushes her boundaries and gives her a safe place to relearn things that came naturally to her before. I love that he's completely smitten with her and attracted to her, but he doesn't push her or take advantage. It's so easy for someone in Joshua's position to take advantage of someone who is perceptively weaker in Peyton's position, but that's not Joshua. He's compassionate, supportive, protective, and respectful. I love that he's possessive in his mind and he would do anything to have Peyton, but he doesn't cross lines that should not be crossed. I love his patience, but I also love when he finally claims her.

This is a short story, but it's so well done. I do with it was a little longer so that I could spend more time with Joshua and Peyton, but it's enough. The story is wonderful and the ending is satisfying. I love the glimpse of their life together in the epilogue and it's enough to see that Peyton is thriving. And if I want to spend more time with them, I can read the book again. I've already reread the last scene at the beach and the epilogue three times.

I can't wait for the next book.

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