Thursday, January 7, 2021

Movie review: A Christmas Exchange

A Christmas Exchange

A Christmas Exchange

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About the movie

This holiday season, Molly Cooper swaps her snow covered farmhouse for Patrick Kensington's posh London apartment. While enjoying Christmas time in the UK, Molly begins to look forward to every communication with Patrick. Likewise, Patrick finds Molly's warm emails and texts charming and compelling. Sparks fly between them as they get to know each other and fall in love as they live in each other's spaces. Coming home for Christmas Day, Molly is greeted to a new life and a new love.


I know it's after Christmas and we are well into the new year, but I wanted to share this review of a lovely, heartwarming movie we watched over the Christmas holidays.

Christmas this year was a quiet affair on account of covid. Instead of a big family Christmas lunch, Steve and I stayed home and had a non-traditional ham and cheese sandwich. I decided for some Christmas cheer to put on a Christmas movie and picked A Christmas Exchange. I knew this movie was adapted from a book but not which one until I looked it up after watching the movie. A Christmas Exchange is adapted from the Harlequin Romance "Molly Cooper's Dream Date" by Barbara Hannay.

This movie was exactly what I needed to lift up my spirits for the day since I was missing my family so much. It's cute, charming, and adorable.

I loved the setting of snow covered Connecticut with all the Christmas decorations and rustic charm. And of course, the London setting brought back wonderful memories from our trip there earlier in the year pre-covid. Seeing London decked out in Christmas decorations was gorgeous.

The story itself was adorable and sweet, and everyone and everything was beautiful. I loved Molly's wide-eyed dreaminess, her optimism, and hope for a happy ever after. Her idealism and romanticism is touching and I felt swept up in her enthusiasm for discovering London and her heartfelt exchanges with Patrick.

Patrick made me laugh. He's in finance or banking or something to do with numbers. He's trying to write a thriller about banking. That caused quite a few laugh out loud moments for us since Steve is a banking consultant and we often joke that the middle-aged banking consultant is the ultimate romance hero. Spoiler: it's not. There's nothing sexy or exciting about a banking consultant so Patrick trying to write a banking thriller cracked us up. Patrick's just a really nice guy. I loved seeing him open up and relax as he gets to know Molly over texts and emails.

I loved the diversity in the movie too. Molly's best friends, Andy and Jim are awesome, and Jules as the famous author that Molly was fangirling over had so much character and pizzazz.

I haven't read the book but I know there have been some variations from the book to make the movie adaptation work. I'm anxious to read the book to compare so I'm going to try to see if the book is still available. Regardless of it following the book or not, this movie was a fun, entertaining watch. Everything was beautiful. The setting, the people, even Harry the dog.

Congrats to Ms Hannay on the movie adaptation of her book. I hope there are more to come. If you get the chance, do watch the movie. It's a great feel good movie. Perfect for the holiday season.

A Christmas Exchange lights

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  1. This movie sounds wonderful and I do love Barbara Hannay's stories I haven't read this book and I think I need to and then find the movie, was it on Netflix?

    I am glad it made you smile when Christmas 2020 was so very different for many people

    Have Fun


    1. No, not on Netflix. I don't actually know what it's on. My friend recorded it for me from the TV and sent it to me to watch since I said I wanted to watch it.

  2. Fabulous review, Deanna. How wonderful. Thanks so much and I have been looking out for this one. Will search harder xx Fi

    1. I hope you find it. It was sent to me by my friend who recorded it from TV to watch.

  3. I loved Molly Cooper's Dream Date and am hanging out to watch it as Christmas Exchange. What was it streamed on please Deanna?

    1. I'm sorry, I do not know what streaming service it is on. As I've mentioned before to Fi and Helen, a friend of mine recorded it from TV and sent it to me to watch. I was fortunate that he was willing to do that for me.

    2. Hopefully when it becomes available in Oz, Barbara Hannay will let us know. Thanks for the review anyway.

    3. Yes, definitely. I hope it will be available at some point or out on DVD.