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Review: Mia's Men (The Heiress's Harem #1) by Lucy Felthouse

Mia's Men by Lucy Felthouse

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Mia's Men by Lucy Felthouse blurb

Mia's Men is a sexy reverse harem story where one grieving heiress has to come to grips with the terms of her father's will and the men who come into her life bringing her love, joy and pleasure in a difficult time. Your heart will go out to Mia as she struggles with her grief but you will also rejoice with her as she finds comfort and love, as well as ecstasy with the men in her life.

I wasn't certain what to expect with this story though I had read other books by Ms Felthouse before and enjoyed her writing. It wasn't her writing I was concerned about but the content. I'm new to the reverse harem genre and still finding my way around it. Trying to determine what I like and don't like. Fortunately, with Ms Felthouse's skillful storytelling and captivating characters, I needn't have worried. I was immediately sank into the story and immersed myself into Mia's world.

I loved the way Ms Felthouse started slow by introducing us to Thomas first. Thomas is a rock. He's steady, dependable and hard working. Exactly what Mia needs in her time of grief. Someone for Mia to lean on and find comfort with. Of course, Ms Felthouse doesn't leave it at that and she cranks up the heat quickly as Thomas and Mia get sexy with each other. That aside, Thomas is someone Mia can depend on and confide in. His strength and presence is a balm to her grief.

Since I've mentioned Mia, let's talk about her. Mia is grieving over the loss of her father to cancer. As well as shocked and frustrated over the terms of his will and the demands it makes of Mia. Despite that, Mia is a strong woman and she's ready to fight for the home she loves and the tenants she cares about. While Mia has moments of weakness and confusion throughout, she rallies quickly. And in doing so, she also finds Alex and Elias.

Alex and Elias are best friends. And they share everything. Even the woman in their lives. While Alex is smooth and charming, Elias is blunt and honest. Both successful men in their chosen fields. Both suitable for fulfilling the terms of Mia's father's will. And they both have something else in common. They both want Mia and they are willing to share her. What follows is some pretty intense sexy times between the three.

Did I mention this story heats up fast? And the heat doesn't let up either. It sizzles right through the book. And of course, there's the potential of a fourth into Mia's harem. We still need to find out more about Arjun.

The story ends on a sweet and hopeful note, and I can't wait to find out what happens next to Mia and her men in the next book. If you're in the mood for something a little different and very sexy, I recommend checking out Mia's Men.

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  1. This one does sound very different I am not sure whether I would feel comfortable with the heroine having all of those partners, but I never say never when giving something different to me a go :)

    Have Fun

    1. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it too, but I got past it. This is a good story.

  2. This sounds steamy...I like that. lol

  3. A zillion years ago I used to read authors who focused on the group thing, but now, it definitely makes me uncomfy. Glad you enjoyed it though, and your review is wonderful. Hugs...RO

    1. I'm new to the genre but so far I'm enjoying them. This one is steamy, which I like.

  4. So how is this different than just a menage (or more)?

    1. I guess it's the "or more". It's usually three men or more with the one heroine. I haven't read many reverse harem books, so I don't know that much about the genre.

    2. Ah okay. Nothing new then. That's been done for ages. Guess just giving it a new name now? They are fun, though :)

    3. Apparently, it's the trendy thing to be reading and writing now. A lot of them seem to be YA or NA though. There are a couple of series where the characters are teenagers and it makes me wonder why the heck would you have a reverse harem with teenagers and no sex. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of having a harem?

    4. LOL oh that's funny. Yeah seems rather pointless, really, if that's the main way they're happening. How very odd. And what a crazy thing to try and promote to children when they're learning about relationships.

    5. I know, I think the same thing too. The series are mostly Young Adult and New Adult. New Adult, I kinda get, but teenagers, like fifteen and seventeen, it boggles my mind.