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Review: Broken Butterfly (Fortis Security #5) by Maddie Wade

Broken Butterfly by Maddie Wade

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Broken Butterfly by Maddie Wade blurb

Broken Butterfly brings us the much awaited story of Zin aka The Viper. Lethal. Deadly. Tortured. And the woman who has captured his heart. His sweet Pixie, Celeste. In an adrenalin-filled story, it's a race against time as Zin and the Fortis Security team work to save Celeste from the clutches of the evil Divine Watchers.

I have to confess, I'm deeply invested in this series. After reading the previous four books, and now this one, I'm in love with the whole group at Fortis Security and how they operate as a team. Ms Wade does a particularly good job with team dynamics and relationships, how they support and strengthen each other. While I enjoy and love the individual heroes and heroines in the stories, it's really the whole team that brings me back to this series again and again.

I've seen the hype and love for Zin around the traps and how highly anticipated his book has been. I was certainly curious to see how Ms Wade would handle his character. Zin is a tough guy. He had a horrible and tragic childhood which has shaped him into the man he is today, one who values strength and deplores weakness. He is a man who will protect the weak when they are unable to take care of themselves. Poor Zin also has a very harsh view of himself. He doesn't see the good in him because of all the horrible things he's had to do in the line of duty. And he thinks he's unlovable and unforgivable for that. Then comes Celeste. Because beneath the tough exterior and tortured soul is a kind and caring man who loves true and deep.

I loved Celeste. When she was first introduced, I had wondered how she'd fit into the Fortis team because she was so shy and so cagey. Being around the tough, strong and confident people of Fortis was good for Celeste. It bolstered her self-esteem and it gave her an internal strength that becomes so necessary when she is faced with terrible adversity. Celeste is sweet, sexy and cute, and she brings a softness and love into Zin's life that's so necessary. Zin and Celeste work well together. She soothes his wounded soul and he gives her the necessary strength she needs.

I'd also like to point out that Ms Wade continues to improve from book to book. I remember reading her first book and thinking it had a lot of potential. The books are starting to live up to her potential. Ms Wade's attention to detail and storytelling has certainly improved in Broken Butterfly from the last book. Most of all though, I enjoyed how Ms Wade managed to make a desperate situation seem utterly romantic.

““Kiss me,” he commanded and despite the situation they were in he saw her eyes darken with desire. She lifted her head and moulded her mouth to his. It started gently but he deepened the kiss until she was moaning and leaning in to grip his shirt, he knew she would be wearing the bruise of his kiss for hours.”

I've enjoyed the revelations Ms Wade has included in this story and I look forward to the next one. I think Kanan's book is next and he's my personal favorite.

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  1. I hadn't heard of this one but it sure sounds pretty good. I'll have to look this author up.

    1. It's good and she's been improving steadily as a writer. The first book in the series is free. It's best if you read it in order.

  2. Sounds good and looking forward to the next one is always great

    1. It definitely is, though these days, there are so many books and so many series, it's hard to keep up.

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, I really liked her. A good heroine is good.

  4. My goodness, this sounds like my kind of book, and the characters sound so amazing. Definitely plan to add this to my list to pick up, and glad you really have been enjoying the series. Hugs...RO

    1. It's a good series. The first book is free on Amazon.