Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Review: Kilted Yoga: Yoga Laid Bare by Finlay Wilson

Today, I have a very special review for you. It's not the usual romance story review but for all my readers who love their Highlanders and gorgeous kilted men, I present to you, Kilted Yoga by Finlay Wilson. Read the book and enjoy the yoga content or simply flip through it for all the kilted yumminess, it's entirely up to you. I bring you kilted eye candy and a fantastic primer on the practice of yoga.

Kilted Yoga by Finlay Wilson

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(or plenty of heat depending on how you want to look at it!)

Kilted Yoga by Finlay Wilson blurb

When I first came across this book my original reaction was "Wow! Look at all that kilted eye candy". Kilted Yoga is a feast for the eyes but also a good step-by-step instruction book on a journey towards improved health and well-being through the practice of yoga. You just need to get past the gorgeous photos to get to the wealth of instruction within.

Kilted Yoga 1

Kilted Yoga provides a great introduction to Finlay Wilson and his journey and passion for yoga. His enthusiasm for it leaps off the pages as you delve into how he got involved in yoga and what he does now.

In reading Kilted Yoga, you will discover that beyond the mesmerizing images, this is a great primer into yoga. It starts with basic yoga practice and provides easy to follow steps into learning the basics. It's also important to pay attention and read the instructions carefully in order to reproduce what's being taught in personal practice.

The poses and exercises provided in Kilted Yoga increase in complexity as the book progresses. I would recommend starting simply and practicing the early poses with regularity until they are mastered before attempting some of the more advanced poses. Unprepared attempts at some of the more advanced poses can cause you injury if you are not careful and I would hate for that to happen to you.

Kilted Yoga 2

Of course, by all means, read the book through and pick and choose what works for you. This will vary depending on whether you've never done yoga before, a beginner or a more advance practitioner.

This book is also a wonderful resource on yoga for someone to refer back to time and time again to practice and improve on their yoga training. It is something that can be referred to regularly for frequent practice or occasionally as a refresher.

While I love this book and what it offers, I am also a very visual person. I appreciate the pictures of Finlay and his friend demonstrating yoga poses. Additionally, I would love to see videos or DVDs of Finlay teaching these yoga poses and exercises. For me personally, while I think this book is a fantastic resource, I think I would also benefit from being able to play a video and follow along with the exercises.

Kilted Yoga 3

Finally, let's face it, a lot of people will pick up this book for the gorgeous pictures of Finlay and his friend in all the yoga poses illustrated. They are simply stunning images. I would be happy just flicking through the book repeatedly to look at the pictures.

You can also check out the video that went viral here.

Note: All images are extracted from Kilted Yoga by Finlay Wilson, published by Hachette Australia, Hardback RRP $19.99.

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  1. WOW fabulous review I have enjoyed seeing the pictures around social media on this book I am sure this one is going to make a great Christmas present for some people this year.

    Have Fun


    1. I tried to give a good review of the book beyond drooling over the gorgeous pictures. :-p

  2. Deanna, I have to be honest that I probably wouldn't have picked this one up on my own, but now that I've seen the pics and the review, I can't stop thinking about...yoga(lol) Kudos! RO

    1. Oh yeah! I'm sure you're thinking of the yoga. :-p

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