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Review: Catching Captain Nash (Dashing Widows #6) by Anna Campbell #HelenReviews

Catching Captain Nash by Anna Campbell

Catching Captain Nash (Dashing Widows #6) by Anna Campbell
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Catching Captain Nash by Anna Campbell blurb

DW Team ReviewThis is another awesome story in this series and boy, it really did bring me to tears. It is so beautifully written with such a joyous ending and one that I can highly recommend. We have met Morwenna in the other stories and we knew that her husband the dashing Captain Robert Nash was missing and declared dead. Morwenna has mourned him for five years. They have a beautiful daughter that sadly Robert did not know about and now Morwenna has finally returned to London and become a dashing widow. She is about to be engaged to another and try to start her life again, that is until the love of her life walks back into the ballroom.

Robert has escaped finally after five years of torture and being held captive by pirates but he is a different man than the one that went away - scarred physically and mentally and to walk in on the announcement of Morwenna’s engagement rocks him further. Thinking of Morwenna was the thing that had gotten him through and he has never stopped loving her but is he good enough for her now? He has come back a very different man.

A miracle has come true when Robert walks into that ballroom. For Morwenna the emotion that electrifies her body at the sight could light up London. Oh, she can see the scarring and almost feel the internal hurt that is going on in his mind, but she has done a lot of growing up over the past five years and will do anything to help him back to where they were.

Wow! This is a very heart-warming story that will certainly bring out a lot of emotions in the reader. The suffering that Robert has gone through, and then the strength and such deep love that Morwenna shows him, and when he meets his daughter, oh, the tears of joy. And the spark that they had five years ago has only warmed up a lot in that time. They sizzle together. What can I say? I loved this story. It is an amazing story that shows how strong love is and the joy that that love brings to so many people. *sigh* Of course, it was great seeing Robert back with not only his wife and child but his family and as well. Thank you, Ms Campbell for another keeper.

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  1. That sounds really good. And that dress on the cover is so pretty.

    1. Hi Mary

      It is a pretty cover I too love that dress actually all of the covers in this series are really good well I think so :)

      Have Fun

    2. Anna always has gorgeous covers for her books.

  2. I read something by her ages ago, I should read more

    1. Hi Blodeuedd

      I have read all of Anna's books and loved them all and I highly recommend them :)

      Have Fun

    2. I haven't read as many of her recent books but I loved her older, darker historical romances.

  3. Sounds good. Lovely cover, too. I've read her in an anthology, I believe.