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Review: Guarding Mr Fine (Tough Love #3) by HelenKay Dimon #MoniqueReviews

Guarding Mr Fine by HelenKay Dimon

Guarding Mr Fine (Tough Love #3) by HelenKay Dimon
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Guarding Mr Fine by HelenKay Dimon blurb

Book review by MoniqueSeth Lang is not happy with his latest assignment: a cushy desk job babysitting the new US consul general in Munich. His CIA bosses see it as a reward, Seth more as a punishment. He is bored stiff, he still has three days in Berlin, so he goes to a club for a drink. Seth is bisexual, he ended a relationship with a woman several months before, and in the club he notices a handsome man watching him. Seth goes right up to him, they click, and they have sex in a closet. It’s a good thing that Seth is a consummate operative, because the temporary replacement for the consul general is none other than his one-nighter: Rick Fine, who is also CIA…

I had really liked the first two books in the Tough Love series, but I had found them lacking on the heat side, and it’s certainly not the case with GUARDING MR. FINE! They do say third time’s a charm, and this book is terrific! I was eagerly anticipating Seth’s story, he’s a fabulous character, and I am thrilled with how it turned out. GUARDING MR. FINE literally starts off with a, er, bang, and it keeps on hitting from all sides. Rick and Seth have to work together in order to find out what really happened to the late consul, and I absolutely loved that the issues they face has nothing to do with the fact that they had sex; they don’t have the same approach to missions, Seth is as hot-tempered as Rick remains cool as a cucumber, and the professional tension between them is nearly lethal. The story, while building on what happened in the previous books, is really independent, although some other characters reappear, among others Helena Bond, an African-American woman in a powerful position; I love that Seth is part Chinese, and there is not one stereotype in sight, for whatever reason. Rick and Seth both rather strong and difficult personalities, they clash often, and again I felt every word. I could go on for ages on how fascinating, complex, and genuine both Rick and Seth are; what an amazing couple, and what chemistry! I had had some difficulties with the sex scenes in the previous books; I thought the characters appeared detached, but GUARDING MR. FINE is scorching hot! GUARDING MR. FINE is fast-paced, well written, terribly exciting, and sizzling hot. It is as riveting to experience the romance develop as it is to watch the suspense unfold. GUARDING MR. FINE is excellent times ten!

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