Monday, September 6, 2021

What Deanna Read #67: August 2021

Another month has gone by. What? Before we know it, we will be reading Christmas stories, putting up decorations, and eating Christmas cake.

It's been another quiet month for us. We've been in lockdown and today is day 32. A whole month in lockdown. It's no wonder I did a lot of reading. There wasn't much else to do. For fun (and sometimes it's serious), I've been doing a daily lockdown journal on my Facebook profile and just talking about life in lockdown in general. Some posts are funny, some posts are serious, but I'm trying to deal with current issues while reminding my friends and family to be kind and stay safe. These will be interesting to look back on once all of this has passed.

Here's what I read for the month.

Taking The Bull By The Horns by Zoe Chant
Taking The Bull By The Horns

Duke by Kate Tilney

Gray Back Ghost Bear by TS Joyce
Gray Back Ghost Bear

Manu by Anna Hackett

Berg by Kate Tilney

Tropical Tiger Spy by Zoe Chant
Tropical Tiger Spy

Bearista by Zoe Chant

Shamus by Ashley Lyn

Destruction by AJ Alexander

Devastation by AJ Alexander

Officer Slater by Flora Madison
Officer Slater

Accidental Heiress by Ashley Lyn
Accidental Heiress

Love Crazy by Ashley Lyn
Love Crazy

Arlo by Kate Tilney

After His Banana by Penelope Bloom
After His Banana

Introvert Seeking Mountain Man by Marley Michaels
Introvert Seeking Mountain Man

Towed & Owned by Mayra Statham
Towed & Owned

Loner by Jamie Schlosser

Matthis by Pandora Snow

Shielding Grace by Sarah Stone
Shielding Grace

Desolation by AJ Alexander

Mountain Man Next Door by Ava Grace
Mountain Man Next Door

Author Seeking Mountain Man by Marley Michaels
Author Seeking Mountain Man

How It Was by TS Joyce
How It Was

Sweet Cruelty by Zoe Blake
Sweet Cruelty

Royal Guard Tiger by Zoe Chant
Royal Guard Tiger

Omega's Gambit by Flora Quincy
Omega's Gambit

Royal Guard Lion by Zoe Chant
Royal Guard Lion

The Professor's Pet by Felicity Raine
The Professor's Pet

The Billionaire's Nanny by Felicity Raine
The Billionaire's Nanny

My Coach My Stalker by Jessa Kane
My Coach, My Stalker

One Big Bite by Michele Mills
One Big Bite

Crazy Love by Mink
Crazy Love

Mean Right Hook by Michele Mills
Mean Right Hook

Big Bad Claws by Michele Mills
Big Bad Claws

Private Eye Bear's Mate by Zoe Chant
Private Eye Bear's Mate

Bloodied Hands by Adelaide Forrest
Bloodied Hands

Her Alien Priest by Michele Mills
Her Alien Priest

Holy moly! It was a big reading month. I didn't realise how many books I read in August until I started putting this post together. I read ten more books last month than the month before.

For starters, I discovered a new to me author in Michele Mills. She writes sci-fi romance and I got quickly addicted to her style of writing. It started with Her Alien Priest which was short and sexy, and then I blew through what there was of the Fever Brothers series. What fun! I need to go back to read more of her books too. I've got a few already downloaded on my Kindle.

I continuted my obsession with Zoe Chant after discovering her last month too. I am making my way through the Fire and Rescue Shifters and other associated series in the recommended reading order so I'm jumping between a few interrelated series. I love the Shifter Kingdom books, especially Royal Guard Lion with their forbidden love.

Of course, TS Joyce knocked it out of the park with How It Was, Nuke's story. I am absolutely loving this series with all the heart and emotion, and a little bit of humor.

And finally, some crazy with another new to me author, Ashley Lyn. I started and finished reading her Welcome to Spartan series, with Love CrazyAccidental Heiress, and Shamus. They are so much fun. If you're looking for a laugh, I highly recommend this series.
That's it from me. What did you read this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for what Helen read too.

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  1. Gosh, you did have a good month reading wise. I only did 14 this time, I like to do 16, but was a bit slow. It took me a few days to read Cosmic Boom.

    1 Adrift by Kaylea Cross. Kill Devil Hills #3

    2 Cosmic Boom by Pauline Baird Jones. Project Enterprise #9. Took me a while to get through this, but thoroughly enjoyable

    3 Lost by Jayne Rylon. Powertools: The Shields, #2

    4 Celtic Cross by Sara Sheridan. Mirabelle Bevan #9. Love this series which I discovered last year

    5 Alien Warrior's Promise by Sue Mercury. Vaxxlian Matchmakers #2

    6 Silver Tears by Camilla Lackberg. Great read, but had to suspend belief about part of the plot. Do Love Scandinavian Noir

    7 Tigre by Cara Bristol. Alien Castaways #5. Intergalactic Dating Agency

    8 Tratus by Veronica Scott. Badari Warriors Sectors New Allies Series #14. I adore this series

    9 Bidding for the Bachelor by Jackie Lau. Fong Brothers #2. Another great read

    10 Baring Grudge by Cynthia Sax. Rebel Cyborgs #3

    11 Defy the Storm by Leah Ashton. Elite SWAT #6. Last in the series and it was fun learning about the Abrolhos Islands

    12 Mist Rising by Eve Langlais. Mist and Mirrors #1

    13 Sweet Sexy Heart by Melissa Foster. The Bradens & Montgomerys (Pleasant Hill – Oak Falls) Love in Bloom Series #8

    14 The Finale by Leah Ashton. Author freebie winding up Elite SWAT


    1. You have so many authors on there who are on my TBR. No clue when I'll ever get to them. I recently came across Leah Ashton and put her on my list to eventually read too.

  2. Fabulous Deanna

    And yes being in lockdown does give us more time to read and what is more you are enjoying the books you are reading and finding new to you authors bonus :)

    I had a good month in August as well :)

    Have Fun


    1. Yeah, it was a good reading month. You had a great month in August too.

  3. I thought you had read King of Eon?

    1. I did but it wasn't on Goodreads yet so it didn't end up being counted in this month. Fabulous book though. Such a great end to the series. It just released yesterday too.

    2. Yes, I got it yesterday, Monday. Next on my list to read

    3. Fantastic. I'm sure you will enjoy it. I think Anna paired King Gayel with the perfect woman.