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Review: Sisters of Freedom by Mary-Anne O'Connor #HelenReviews

Sisters of Freedom by Mary-Anne O'Connor

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Sisters of Freedom by Mary-Anne O'Connor blurb

Book review by HelenThis story has so much going for it. It shows the strength and courage of women in an Australia that has just been declared a federation. It sees the Merriweather sisters Aggie, Frankie, and Ivy stand up for what they want, and it shows the men who support them along the way. The emotions flow through this one. I loved this story from page one. I made friends with these women and I hope that you will pick this one up and enjoy it as much as I did.

It is Christmas 1901 and although Australia is now a federation, women still don’t have the vote. Frankie is a staunch supporter for this to happen. Marriage is not for her. She wants more even though her eldest sister, Aggie has been happily married to Robert for three years now and helps out at the local orphanage. Her younger sister, Ivy is a budding artist who helps her father and is looking forward to marriage and a life as a wife and mother in the future. These three sisters are very close and they know how to voice their opinions and stay the best of friends, all of them wanting the vote for woman.

It’s New Year’s Day 1902 and it is Ivy’s birthday and a picnic has been organised. Ivy is hoping to get closer to law student, Patrick Earle hoping that one day they will marry when an accident separates Ivy from her family and friends. She is rescued and ends up in the rough Hawkesbury River area, this area is lawless and Ivy is very ill. It is Riley Logan who rescues her and takes her to his sister, Fiona to care for her. This accident will change the lives of Aggie, Frankie, and Ivy in so many ways.

Marry-Anne O’Connor has penned a story rich in Australian history. It’s a time of change in the country. It is a captivating read as it shows the passion and strength that the women of the day had, to make changes for women. She has bought the Merriweather family to life on the pages as well as the people from the river. It shows the good and the bad in society and for me there were tears of sadness and joy. I was cheering these women on, and yes, there are some fabulous men as well. I do highly recommend this one, it is such a great story. One I didn’t want to put down and it makes me proud of the women of our past.

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  1. I do love reading a great historical fiction with a romance or thrown in and this one hits the spot so well, it is a great story and one I highly recommend :)

    Have Fun


    1. Your reviews always make the books sound so good.