Thursday, May 6, 2021

Book quotes #6: May 2021

Passion led us here

How are you enjoying the book quotes? Are they something you are enjoying? Let me know. I want to know whether to keep continuing ir or not depending on your enjoyment. I personally love it, but then I've read the books and these are bits that I've enjoyed while reading.  I hope you enjoy today's offerings.

Book quote TS Joyce

First Time Train Wreck (Battle Of The Bulls #4) by TS Joyce

I love the honesty of this exchange between Train Wreck and his lady. It's true too. A man who tries is everything.

Book quote Frankie Love

Heart Of The Mountain (The Mountain Men of Fox Hollow #1) by Frankie Love

I love when books feature whisky. The only thing that bugs me is if they don't say what whisky. I mean yes, you're drinking a Glengoyne. I know Glengoyne is a good whisky, but which one are you drinking? The 12 year old? The 15 year old? The 18 year old? I need to know. It's not that many more words to add that little detail.

Book quote Gia Bailey

Her Mountain Man Protector (Journey's Close, Alaska #1) by Gia Bailey

Finders Keepers. Okay, I loved when I read that bit. It's early on in the book when the hero finds the heroine, hurt and unconscious. It's a very instalovey story, which I enjoy, but man, that finders keepers made me chuckle. I imagine that's what a mountain man would say.I imagine that there's some chest beating to go along with it.

Book quote TS Joyce

Love Her Better (Kaid Ranch Shifters #4) by TS Joyce

This made me smile. The fact that he was so horrified. I get that a lot of men are portrayed as horrified or confused when they see women's tears in romance stories, but this reaction was so classic. I loved it.

Book quote Miley Maine

Love Undercover (Sinful Temptation #2) by Miley Maine

Another whisky quote. Well, she's going "wow" at seeing the bottle. Thank you for telling me that it's a Macallan. That's an awesome whisky, but which one is it? Maybe it's the 25 year old which is expensive and sensational?

Book quote Melanie Moreland

Reid (Vested Interest #4) by Melanie Moreland

Wise words. Yes, love is worth everything. Words to live by.

Book quotes

So that's it from me on the quotes. I hope you've enjoyed them and got a little peek into how my brain works while I'm reading. If you've got a particular book quote that you love, do share them with me. I've love to know what stays with you and stands out for you while you're reading.

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