Monday, August 3, 2020

What Deanna Read #54: July 2020

Wow! Another month has gone by already. It's weird because with the pandemic we have not been going out much at all and have been home most of the time. This weird being home and not doing much, well, aside from work, it's strange that the days still zoomed by.

I had a strange month of being productive (I"ve read a lot) but also not being productive with work stuff because I didn't feel like I had the creative energy to do a lot of the work stuff I normally do. Sigh. I'll be honest, the whole pandemic thing is very concerning and we've had an outbreak in the state south of us and there were people being irresponsible who were infected that went out and infected people in my state before the borders were closed. Sigh.

I've been reading a bit more or attempting to read a bit more this last month. Not exactly sure why but for some reason in July I felt like I was in a race to read as much as I could. Could be I just wanted to be in my happy place for the month. I haven't counted but I read a decent number of books in the month. There were are few duds too though.

Good news too. Helen is back. She's recovering nicely from her stay in hospital and she's finally home. Not a lot of reading, but she did manage some.

That's it from me. I hope everyone is well. My thoughts are with you all. Stay safe.

Here's what I read for the month.

Okay, I've just counted the number of books I've read for the month and wow! I wasn't expecting this many. I'm only two books shy of my all-time record of most books read for the month. I'm rather impressed.

The big thing this month was me discovering a new author I'm madly in love with. This is Cameron Hart with her Moscatelli Crime Family series. I glommed the first three books in the series in succession and I'm now impatiently waiting for the next book. It's her brand of sweet and sexy, with possessive alpha heroes and sweet heroines that works for me. And it's mafia-lite too if you are generally not a fan of those hardcore mafia stories where the heroes are assholes and tend to lean more to the dark side.

I've not read much Alexa Riley before but someone in a book group recommended Keeping Her Warm and it turned out to be exactly the kind of romance I love to read. In fact, I loved it so much that I went back and reread the book twice more in succession after finsihing it. I was hooked.

Another new to me author is Laylah Roberts. I read How West Was Won because I got hooked in by a Facebook ad. Loved it so much. Again, it was very much the kind of hero / heroine dynamic I loved and I do love a damsel in distress and Ms Roberts did it particularly well with Flick.

Finally, I'm madly in love with Mason from If You Could Only See by M E Clayton, another new to me author. This time, Mason is such an over the top jealous possessive hero that it blew my mind. His brand of possessiveness is wonderful to read about but it borders on psychotic and sociopathic so it might not work as well in real life.

That's it from me. What did you read for this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for Helen's books next.

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  1. WOW you did get some reading done and how fantastic to find so many new you to authors that you really enjoyed, fabulous

    Have Fun


  2. 1 Truly, Madly Whisky by Melissa Foster. The Whiskys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbour #2

    2 Lawman in the High Lonesome by Rosanne Bittner. Outlaw Series #2

    3 King of the Wilds by Tasha Black. Rosethorn Valley Fae #3

    4 Twisted Metal Heart by Eve Langlais. Deviant Future #3. Another great read. Really enjoying this series

    5 Claim of Eon by Anna Hackett. Eon Warriors #6

    6 Ivokk by Veronica Scott. Badari Warriors Sectors New Allies #12. Always a great read with something new to the mix, so never repetative

    7 Desolation Road by Christine Feehan. Torpedo Ink #4. Well that was a strange one. Never knew that was a thing. Had to google it. Lol. No spoilers.

    8 Out on the Serve by Lane Hayes. Out in college #7

    9 King of Pain by Tasha Black. Rosethorn Valley Fae #4. Really enjoyed this series. And there will be more apparently.

    10 Unhallowed by Jordan L Hawk. A novel of Widdershins. Rath and Rune #1. Yeah Widdershins. Great start to a new series

    11 Prancing of a Papillon by Tara Lain. Fuzzy love #2

    12 The Cowgirl's Chosen Love by Vivian Arend. The Coleman's of Heart Falls #3

    13 Lethal Edge by Kaylea Cross. Rifle Creek #1


    1. Short but still a good month. I still haven't read Claim of Eon yet. I do need to read that soon. I've kind of been saving it.

  3. Forgot to add the header to my post. Lol

    A shorter month for me than last, but some great books. laylah Roberts wrote a couple of scifi books that I've read but not sure I'd like some of her other books


    1. Oh, I've not checked out Laylay Roberts' scifi romances. I have one of her Montana Daddies books downloaded that I need to read soon.