Thursday, May 21, 2020

Review: You're Not Ugly To Look At by Cara Bristol

You're Not Ugly To Look At by Cara Bristol

You're Not Ugly To Look At: Conversations With My Husband by Cara Bristol
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You're Not Ugly To Look At by Cara Bristol blurb

You're Not Ugly To Look At is a fun collection of conversations between author Cara Bristol and her husband "DH". They are amusing, entertaining, and oh so real in many cases.

I was in-between books and was at a loss as to what to read next because I think the previous book I read kind of broke my brain. This book was the perfect reset for me. It gave me fun, entertainment, and amusement.

Ms Bristol's DH is a hoot and I really hope he gets his ranch in Montana or Wyoming. I think it's adorable that he draws the line at Italian sausage as a breakfast meat and that he needs step by step instructions when it comes to trying on shoes (my Steve is like that too).

If you would like to spend a pleasurable couple of hours on something lighthearted but equally realistic, this is a great book to dive into. Be prepared for some laughs and giggles.

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