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Review: Angels of the Triad: Sariel (from the Wings of the Wicked Box Set) by Maddie Wade

Wings of the Wicked by Maddie Wade

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Angels of the Triad Sariel by Maddie Wade blurb

Enter a world of violence and war in the realm of angels as good battles evil and one tiny human sacrifices her life for humankind in Maddie Wade’s first paranormal offering.

I've been reading Ms Wade's romantic suspense stories for a long time and I love them. She builds a sense of family and brotherhood into her stories that are touching and heartfelt. She continues with that in this book where Sariel and his fellow fallen angels are bound together in a fate that is seemingly never-ending and harsh. The bonds between Sariel, Zagan, and Malek are reminiscent of the ones found in her Fortis Security series. There is loyalty, support, and camaraderie between these men that many will envy and few ever achieve.

Angels of the Triad brings us a new world of three fallen angels - the Triad, and their role in the fate of humankind as evil wages war with good. An illness insidiously winds its way through the world's population and as they suffer angels intervene to right the wrong that has been created. Ms Wade does a good job of building a world that is at once believable and entrancing. It makes me want to live amongst the angels. It makes me want to BE one of the angels. But theirs is a violent, violent world. Full of aggression, harsh retribution, and punishment, but also filled with breathtaking beauty and wonder. The myth and legend created here are fascinating as Ms Wade takes from the creation story and puts her own spin on it.

Sariel is one of the Triad. He and his two brothers are fallen angels, fallen as punishment for something they did. It's a harsh punishment for what I consider a minor crime but such is the way of the angels. Sariel is about as alpha as it gets. He's dominant, arrogant, and protective, but also extremely tender and gentle with Jenica. I loved his arrogance and I loved the way he behaved with Jenica but I think it's only something I can read about and love. If my Steve behaved the way Sariel did in some instances, I might have smacked him over the head with a frying pan. When something happens to Jenica, Sariel's anguish and heartbreak are gut-wrenching. I felt it to my toes and I wept for him. Because of his ultimate sacrifice, he deserves all the happiness in the world.

If I'm being honest, I wasn't sure about Jenica to begin with, but I grew to love her quickly. She started off prickly and distrustful, but it's perfectly understandable considering the world she's been thrust into with little to no introduction. However, she rallies quickly and she adjusts with surprising flexibility. And then you discover there's something about her that draws people to her. She's honest, direct, brave, and selfless. What she does for the greater good of humankind, what she gives up for people she's never met and will never know is truly astounding. She has such a big heart and such an amazing capacity to love.

Even as the story ends and Sariel and Jenica find their happy ever after, it's not the ultimate end. There is still evil afoot and a war is brewing between the minions of evil and the angels who uphold what is good and true in the world. There's still Zagan and Malek's stories to be told and I hope we get to them soon.

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