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Review: Lusting the Enemy (NIghtmix #1) by Mel Teshco

Lusting the Enemy by Mel Teshco

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Lusting the Enemy by Mel Teshco blurb

Lusting the Enemy is the start of a sensous and enticing new story in a world where shapeshifters and humans do not live in harmony. As one larakyte princess sets of to change the fate of her people, a human king with secrets of his own falls in love and changes the course of his country.

I have to admit, it took me a while to get into and finish this book. I was in a bit of a reading slump and couldn't get into reading even though I got obsessed with Judas early and fast. I even went to sleep one night with Judas on my brain. I kept replaying him in my mind over and over again, which kept me from falling asleep. Grrr ... Ms Teshco. I blame you for my poor night's sleep!! But of course, once I got past my reading slump, I picked up the book and glommed it.

First off, the world-building. Ms Teshco's world building is very subtle. She reveals the world in small pieces as we read the story and things about the world are expertly woven into the narrative. I still want to learn more about the humans and the world they live in though. It seems to be more of a fantasy world and more medieval than modern, but also quite modern with the use of language. I found that dichotomy a bit confusing. There was some swearing using the name of a Christian deity which surprised me and made me think I was mistaking the time period the book was set in but then I remembered that the religion has been around for more than 2000 years so it's quite possible people have been swearing in his name for a long time. Not that I'm a prude about swearing or anything like that, but when I read it, I was trying to place the time and setting of the world in my head. None of that really took away from my reading pleasure though because I was so hung up on Judas.

Oh my, Judas! Judas was yummy from the get-go. His gorgeous looks, his all-round hunkiness, and virility, but also the fact that he was a good king. He cared about his people and he was noble and just. But like Akeisha, Judas also had secrets of his own and boy, was his secret a doozy. It didn't surprise me that much but I liked it a lot. It made him even more special. Beyond being a fierce warrior and just king, Judas was also very tenderhearted. I loved the care and tenderness he showed Akeisha. He revealed a softer side to himself to her which was very endearing. And by the way, I know he's spoken for, but I'd seriously be willing to have Judas ravish me. Damn, the man is sexy!

I wasn't sure about Akeisha, to be honest. She seemed both naive and misguided to me for the better part of the story. While her intentions were good when it came to her plan to seduce Judas in order to save her people, she also ran away when she should have stayed and fought for Judas. I understood she carried a lot of responsibility on her shoulders, along with a lot of guilt for what happened in the past and even the present, but she really needed to trust Judas and give him a chance to explain himself and his plans. Instead she ran away. And she turned against him for the very thing he was afraid of. It seemed to unfair on poor Judas to me.

Despite a few hiccups along the way, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. There's going to be another story soon, if the sneak peek a the end of the book is any indication. I'm looking forward to that.

And one final shout out for the cover. I think Ms Teshco hit the jackpot with this cover. It's stunning. I'd have bought the book just on the cover alone without even reading the blurb.

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  1. This is the first paranormal book that I have read in many years and what a beauty it was I loved it the world the characters and OMG Judas be still my heart and Akeshia so strong and bold yep if you haven't read this one do so it is good :)

    And that cover amazing

    Have Fun


  2. The first thing I noticed was that cover, I love that. This sounds like a really good story too.

    1. The cover is stunning. More importantly, the gorgeous cover also includes a really good story.