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Review: Christmas Wishes New Year Kisses by Michelle Douglas

Christmas Wishes New Year Kisses by Michelle Douglas

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Christmas Wishes New Year Kisses by Michelle Douglas blurb

Isn't it a typical Aussie Christmas when you go away to the tropics for a summery beachy holiday on rather than sitting by the fire roasting chestnuts while it snows outside? This is what you get with Christmas Wishes, New Year Kisses as Josh whisks Erin away on a much needed holiday over the Christmas and New Year break.

Erin is stressed out. Caring for her very demanding mother has taken its toll on her and it is affecting her work. Josh and his mother cook up a plan for Erin to get some time away from her mother and some much needed R&R.

While on holiday, surrounded by the balmy tropical air, feelings from long ago resurface for Erin and Josh, and they become more than friends, after all this is a friends to lovers story.

Erin bothered me in this story though. She has spent most of her life living on her back foot for fear of being hurt. Her life is riddled with fear, pain and guilt, and she is unhappy. She had ample opportunity to grasp life and happiness with both hands, and Josh presented her with several opportunities throughout the story, but her fear held her back. I didn't dislike Erin because she was a likable character, but I wanted to shake her out of her so called safe and protected life. I wanted her to take a chance on living and happiness, take a risk, chance getting hurt but reaping the rewards of a life fully lived. It took her a long time to get there, and along the way, as I got frustrated and wanted to give her a stern talking to, Josh said all the things to her I was thinking. Good on Josh! I'm glad Erin eventually figured things out, but I got impatient and felt it took longer than it should have and poor Josh suffered more than he should have because of her.

I liked Josh a lot. He's smart, caring, supportive and a wonderful friend. He's also a hot, sexy vet. He brings to mind Chris Brown of Bondi Vet fame or  hot vet Dr Evan Antin, especially when I picture Josh working with the animals. He's got the patience of a saint when it comes to Erin, except when he's not. I loved he was willing to risk their friendship for so much more when he realised the true extent of his feelings for her.

Overall, this was a lovely story, even if it made me want to shake some sense into Erin.

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  1. I really enjoyed this one as well I read it a while ago and their holiday was fabulous
    Have Fun


  2. The story sounds good, and I'm always a sucker for a man who hangs out with animals. His personality just seems like the perfect man to fall in love with. I can understand someone being gun shy when it comes to relationships, but not if it took a long time to get to some type of growth, and realizing what was right in front of her. Hugs...RO

    1. Oh yeah, Josh was great. I got very impatient with Erin.

  3. Looks like a nice one for the holidays, great review and thanks for sharing!

  4. Sounds pretty good but I can see the frustration with the heroine. That would be hard if it went on too long.