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New Release: Fierce Guardian (Fire and Snow #4) by Khloe Wren | Exclusive excerpt

Fierce Guardian by Khloe Wren

Fierce Guardian
Fire and Snow #4
By: Khloe Wren
Releasing November 11, 2016

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Fierce Guardian by Khloe Wren blurb


    Rachel kept her eyes closed as she lay in the ambulance. She couldn’t stand the looks of pity from the medics. She knew her body told a pretty clear tale of what she’d been through. Every bump in the road jolted through her, making all her injuries ache. But the truly stupid thing that had her completely baffled was the fact she knew without a doubt that Xander sat up the front of the vehicle and having him close eased her pain.
    Madness. Total madness.
    The ambulance sliding to a stop pulled her from her introspection and she forced her eyes to open when the gurney she was on began to move. Naturally, the first thing she saw was Xander’s dirt streaked face. He stared at her as though he couldn’t stand the idea she was hurt. But why would he even care? They were strangers. All she knew of him was his name, occupation and what he looked like. As far as she knew, he didn’t know any more about her than she did him.
    She continued to frown up at him as she was wheeled into the hospital and the medics moved her to a hospital bed and gave the nurses a report on her status. Her heart sunk at the list. How had she not seen what Rocco was capable of sooner? Surely there had been signs. Did she not see them, or had she subconsciously known but ignored it?
    One thing she was sure of was that she didn’t need another man in her life. She was now free and clear of Rocco and had no intention of getting trapped ever again. Plenty of women stayed single and had great lives. She closed her eyes as tears pricked them. What was she going to do? She had nothing. No home, no possessions. Not even her passport. Not that she wanted to go back home to England.
    A sob tore from her throat and her body began to shake as she cried uncontrollably. She attempted to roll to her side, wanting to curl into a ball but her injured ribs screamed in pain and forced her to remain flat on her back.
    “Shh baby girl, you’re going to hurt yourself if you don’t settle down.”
    Xander’s voice was rough with emotion and his big work-roughened hands cupped her face as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. With a jerk, she pulled away from his gentle touch. She couldn’t handle dealing with him right now. With the way she was falling apart, she was likely to forget her resolve to be an island and cling to the man. She couldn’t risk it.
    “Leave me alone! Just go away!”
    She stopped screaming when a cold palm held down her arm. She whimpered as a needle was efficiently slid into the vein at her inner elbow. Her mind was a mess; she couldn’t focus on any one thought. Panic rose and she struggled to breathe past it all, then her thoughts cleared and her body relaxed. Whatever they’d pumped into her system started working its magic and she closed her eyes to float away from everything and everybody.

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  1. Congrats on the release Khloe I really need to get these read :)

    Have Fun

    1. I've heard they are good. I need to read them too!!

  2. Different to have a bald hero on the cover! Very eye catching.

    1. You don't see many bald heroes, that's for sure.