Monday, May 5, 2014

Continuing to use the Clarisonic and its results

It's been a while since I've had my Clarisonic, three or four months at least ... probably more!! I talked about my first experience with it here.

When I first got my Clarisonic, I thought that I would use it several times a week, but I found that was too much for my skin, especially since I liked to use an exfoliating scrub in the shower in the morning. You can see more about my morning skincare routine here.

Now that I've had the Clarisonic for several months, I've gotten into a routine with it, and here is how I use it:

When I get home from work, I use a cleanser or coconut oil to remove my makeup. If I'm wearing just regular makeup, I use a cleanser and right now I'm using the Michael Todd True Organics Cleanse and Tone. If I'm wearing something particularly stubborn, like waterproof eyeliner and mascara (especially waterproof mascara!) I use an organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, particularly around my eyes.

I then follow up the cleanse with my Clarisonic. I'm currently using my Garnier Pure (salicylic acid + purifying zinc) daily deep clean foaming gel cleanser. I like to use a foaming cleanser with my Clarisonic. It's not necessary for a good clean but it's just what I like.

In terms of using my Clarisonic, I run it twice. So I run it once all over my face (for whatever the st time is, I can't exactly remember if it's one or two minutes!) and then after the first time, I run it a second time on my face, concentrating on my nose and the outer parts of my face where I have a few bumps of something or other under my skin, which are not pimples and also not milia. I don't know what they are, but they are there and I give them a good going over. This leaves my skin feeling extremely squeaky clean.

I use my Clarisonic once a week, possibly twice, if I want an extra clean just before I put on a mask on the weekend.

The thing I notice which makes a huge difference is that when I use my serums after my Clarisonic, my skin tingles. At the moment, I'm using the Skinstitute Even Blend Serum with the 100% Vitamin C powder mixed into it. How do I know that my skin is cleaner and more receptive to the serum? Because when I just use ordinary cleanser to wash my face and apply the serum, there is no tingling. After the Clarisonic, there's tingling. It's a light tingling and it's a nice feeling. I do feel like my skin is more able to absorb the product after the use of the Clarisonic and it's penetrating better.

Why then, you ask, do I not use the Clarisonic every day to clean my skin and make sure that my serums penetrate even more into my skin to be more effective? I actually think that too much exfoliating would be bad for my skin. As effective as the Clarisonic is, I am also concerned that with too much use, it's taking off too much of the top layer of my skin.

Right now, I'm very happy with the routine that I've got with my Clarisonic. I know my skin is getting a very deep clean at least once a week, plus occasionally a second time on the weekend to maximise the effectiveness of a mask that I am using. Plus since I've been using the Clarisonic regularly, I have not been having any breakouts.

I hope this little update helps with what you are thinking with regards to the Clarisonic. Let me know if you use the Clarisonic and how you are going with it. I would love to hear of your experience.

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