Saturday, April 9, 2022

What Deanna Read #74: March 2022

Hello!!! So this month's What Deanna Read is a little late because I've switched things around a bit (you can read about that here) and then there was this whole thing about returning books and I wanted to address it. So this a "bonus" post for the week but in reality it's just me catching up on the usual stuff. Hang tight!

Here's what I read for the month.

A Baby For The Boss by Jessa Kane
A Baby For The Boss

Royally Claimed by Jupiter Belle
Royally Claimed

Mountain Man's Obsession by Sadie King
Mountain Man's Obsession

Hacker by Cassie Mint

Submitting To The Viking Warrior by Lily Harlem
Submitting To The Viking Warrior

Heat Haven by Sarah Blue and Ashley Bennett
Heat Haven

Hard Candy by Jisa Dean
Hard Candy

Thief by Cassie Mint

Selling Her Virtue by Dani Wyatt
Selling Her Virtue

Her Prison Pen Pal by Dani Wyatt
Her Prison Pen Pal

Pure Protection by Maxine Savage
Pure Protection

Breeding Her by Darcy Rose
Breeding Her

Omega Found by Evelyn Flood
Omega Found

Filthy Headlines by Cassie Mint
Filthy Headlines

Heir To Love by Mink
Heir To Love

Perfect Monster by BB Hamel
Perfect Monster

Promised To The Killer by BB Hamel
Promised To The Killer

Melt For Me by Jisa Dean
Melt For Me

Sweet Tooth by Cassie Mint
Sweet Tooth

Fake Hearts and Kisses by Fanny Lee Savage
Fake Hearts And Kisses

Wow! So February and last month, I read the same number of books. I know this because I didn't have to add new lines for more books or delete previous books from the template for fewer books read. How about that, eh? Don't even ask me about April though. Spoiler alert! Too busy to read much. It's a bit sad. But for March, a lot of comfort reads from favorite authors.

Okay, fun reads. I am still loving Cassie Mint and she has a new series out called Sweet Little Sinners with unconventional heroines who do not have regular every day jobs. There's a cat burglar, a hacker, a honey trap (a woman who uses her feminine wiles to get information out of men), and an assassin. It's a fantastic series and even though I know that what these women are doing is wrong, I'm still cheering them on while they are finding love in dangerous situations. Thief was particularly adorable with a cat burglar and Hacker was not was I expected at all and awesome. When the last book in the series came out, I collected all the book covers and threw up a quick TikTok video for it, because I'm having fun with TikTok and it's a way for me to harmlessly be excited. The soundtrack was a default from the template I used in TikTok, but I figured it worked. Yeah, they were all "something good."

@deannasworld163 Deanna's World #romance #bookblog #readromance #romancebookrecs #steamybookrecs #romanceblogger #readingromancebooks #momswhoread #momswhoreaddirty #bookrecommendation ♬ Something Good - Ellen Once Again

One of my favorite authors, Lily Harlem has a new Viking book out and I do love a good Viking romance. They are so rough and dominating and that's exactly what it's like in Submitting To The Viking Warrior. There's some hanky spanky going on there too. And I made a little TikTok video of it in my excitement. I love, love, love the soundtrack I got for the video.

@deannasworld163 Deanna's World #romance #bookblog #romanceblogger #booktok #romancebooktok #romancebooks #readromance #books #reading #newrelease #fyp #vikingromance #historicalromance #historical #vikings ♬ Valhalla Calling - Peyton Parrish

And finally, Heir To Love by Mink was utterly adorable. I mean, who can resist a pink haired pixie who loves cats and will do anything for a bunch of kittens? It's kind of silly and kind of fun because let's face it, things like this do not happen in real life, but dang, it was a book that put a smile on my face.

One last thing. I read a book that was thoroughly disappointing. It was supposed to be a fake relationship romance with a guaranteed happy ever after, or at least it was what the blurb suggested. The author had contacted me and asked if I would read the book to review. Well, after I read the blurb I thought, yeah, it ticks all the boxes of things I would like in a romance so I decided to read it. I don't do many solicited review books anymore these days so this is unusal for me. Honestly, I kinda regretted it. The ending made me so angry. It was barely a happy for now and I felt thoroughly cheated. If there's not even a happy for now, it's not a romance. When are authors going to learn that basic fact when writing or attempting to write a romance? #petpeeve Live and learn, I guess. I will stay away from solicited reviews from now on even more so.

That's it from me. What did you read this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for what Helen read too.

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  1. Glad that you got to read some fabulous books and those covers look so good :)

    Sorry that one of the books disappointed so muxh and yes a romance must have HEA or a happr fo now ending :)

    Have Fun


    1. Yeah, that book really upset me. Gotta have the HEA or at least HFN.

  2. Some great reads this month. The latest Anne Rice, and sadly the last. And catching up with The Lady Astronaut and Murderbot. So a good cross section.

    1 The Detective by Anna Hackett. Norcross Security #7. Think this is the best in this series.

    2 The Detective bonus epilogue by Anna Hackett. Norcross Security #7.5

    3 Troy by Tasha Black. Alien Adoption Agency #10

    4 Troy bonus epilogue by Tasha Black. Alien Adoption Agency #10. 5

    5 The Real Baxter by Lane Hayes. Baxter Chronicles #1. Think this is the author's best yet.

    6 Broken by Jayne Rylon. Powertools:The Shields #4

    7 Ramses the Damned by Anne Rice. The Reign of Osiris

    8 The Barbarian King's Assassin by Eve Langlais. Magic and Kings #1

    9 Stefan by Eve Langlais. Growl and Prowl #2

    10 The Fated Sky by Mary Robinette Kowal. Lady Astronaut #2. Loving this series

    11 The Relentless Moon by Mary Robinette Kowal. Lady Astronaut #3

    12 The Lady Astronaut of Mars by Mary Robinette Kowal. Short story

    13 Exit Strategy by Martha Wells. Murderbot Diaries #4

    14 Conard County Mistaken Identity by Rachel Lee. Conard County the next Generation #49. Bit disappointing. Thought at times I was reading a menu list!

    15 An Irregular Arrangement by A.L. Lester. Bradfield Village Novella

    16 A Sunlit Weapon by Jacqueline Winspear. Maisie Dobbs #17

    17 Crazy Wicked Love by Melissa Foster. The Wickeds: Dark Knights at Bayside #3

    18 Marked for Rage by Susan Hayes. Crashed and Claimed #1

    19 Her Favourite Rebound by Jackie Lau. Cider Bar Sisters #4


    1. You've got a good list of what you read going there. Are you back in Benidorm?

      Wasn't The Detective awesome? And aren't those bonus epilogues wonderful? Did you read The Medic yet?

  3. Not sure when I'll be back in Benidorm. Hopefully later this year as cost of living has gone up so much. It's now the cost of existing.
    Yes, I've just finished The Medic. Loved it. The bonuses are great little extras but not sure about them always getting pregnant. Tasha Black always gives a lovely bonus to her stories too

    1. Oh yeah, everything is going up in price though from what our UK friends have been posting, it's been particularly terrible there.

      Hah. I do like them getting pregnant. Not into it myself or even kids or babies, but I love reading about it.