Monday, January 17, 2022

What Deanna Read #71: December 2021

December came and went and with it a bunch of reading and hitting my unofficial reading goal of 365 books for the year. I stopped at 365 but in reality I read more than that but carried those over to 2022. This means that 2022 started with a surplus of books read. Can't complain about that.

Here's what I read for the month.

Bachelor #10 by Kat Baxter
Bachelor #10

The Hitman's Christmas Wish by MK Moore
The Hitman's Christmas Wish

Cold Wood by Cassie Mint
Cold Wood

Well Thanks Santa by Esther E Schmidt
Well Thanks, Santa

Collision by Stella Blanche

A Bear For Thanksgiving by Lisa Daniels
A Bear For Thanksgiving

Snow Storm by Cassie Mint
Snow Storm

A Holly For X-Mas by Olivia T Turner
A Holly For X-mas

The Omega Chase by Hannah Haze
The Omega Chase

Codename Diesel by Khloe Summers
Codename: Diesel

Overlord by Anna Hackett

Time Thief by Anna Hackett
Time Thief

Buttered Up by Mayra Statham
Buttered Up

Untouched by Alexa Riley

His Stand-In Holiday Girlfriend by Kasey Stockton
His Stand-In Holiday Girlfriend

Guarding Salvation by Maddie Wade
Guarding Salvation

Chill Factor by Freya Barker
Chill Factor

A Mate For Thanksgiving by Erin Havoc
A Mate For Thanksgiving

Trapped With The Reclusive Playboy by Julie Rowe
Trapped With The Reclusive Playboy

Let's Get Textual by Teagan Hunter
Let's Get Textual

Propositioning Love by Izzy Sweet and Sean Moriarty
Propositioning Love

Tutoring The Delinquent by Jessa Kane
Tutoring The Delinquent

If you count the books I carried over to January 2022, I think I read 50+ books for the month. That's a lot of books. I must have been some kind of reading machine. I didn't even realise I was reading that much. Let me assure you, the reading in January has been much more sedate but with the carry over, the number of books would be higher. Stay tuned for that next month.

Stand out reads for the month include Tutoring The Delinquent by Jessa Kane. No one does desperate, intense desire quite like Ms Kane. This book was sexy and breathtaking. I was so absorbed Teddy's obsession with Iris. I think I might need to reread it just to experience it again.

And of course, one of my favorites, Anna Hackett released a new book and it was stunning. I'm so in love with Rhain in Overlord, but I have to admit that Brodin, his brother might have edged him out in my affections by just a bit though that's for next month's gushing over how much I love Brodin. Fantastic worldbuilding, new enemies, new creatures, and a wonderful heroine who is fit for an Overlord. Also, it should be noted that Anna Hackett has become one of my top favorite authors and her books leave me with a days-long book hangover, especially her more recent books.

Some other books I enjoyed include The Omega Chase by Hannah Haze, Cold Wood by Cassie Mint (I've just discovered her books and have been bingeing them ever since... so good!), Time Thief by Anna Hackett, and Trapped With The Reclusive Playboy by Julie Rowe.

By the way, I did read a TS Joyce book, but it got counted into my 2022 read. Of course I read one of her books. I read all her new releases right away. #favoriteauthor

That's it from me. What did you read this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for what Helen read too.

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  1. A fabulous month always good to get some reading in :)

    Have Fun


    1. Yes, for sure. I love having the time to read.

  2. Crikey, that's more than a book a day. How do you manage that? My total last year was 195. More than what GR says as I count freebies etc. Every little helps. So, December was a better month.

    1 A Home for the Alien Warrior by Honey Phillips and Bex McLynn. Treasured by the Alien #6

    2 The Peg that was Promised by Olivia Dade. Epilogue to All the Feels. Pre order free incentive from author

    3 Taking Vengeance by Kaylea Cross. Valkyrie Vengeance Series #6. Love these Valkyries

    4 The Holiday List by Lane Hayes. Script Club #4

    5 Arik by Tasha Black. Alien Adoption Agency #7

    6 Arik epilogue by Tasha Black. Free author epilogue

    7 Blaze of Glory by Rosanne Bittner. Outlaw Hearts #5

    8 Overlord by Anna Hackett. Galactic Kings #1. I loved this but it was exhausting to read. So much action. Wore me out!

    9 The A List by Evie Mitchell. Freebie from mailing list and boy was it hot

    10 Dark Tarot by Christine Feehan. Dark Carpathians #35. A much better book than some previous ones

    11 Brazen by Jayne Rylon. Powertools:The Shields #3

    12 Donut fall in Love by Jackie Lau

    13 Jett by Tasha Black. Alien Adoption Agency #8

    14 Jett epilogue by Tasha Black. Free author epilogue

    15 Very Beery New Year by Jackie Lau. Cider Bar Sisters Novella. Free from author's newsletter

    16 Love Flushed by Evie Mitchell. All Access #2. Not as good as book 1, sadly. A few things I really didn't care for in a sex scene

    17 Hell Squad: New Beginnings by Anna Hackett. Freebie from author's newsletter

    18 Zyon by Tasha Black. Alien Adoption Agency #9

    1. It was a good month for me. I don't know how I managed it but I think a lot of the books were on the shorter side. I loved Overlord but yes, lots of action though that's normal for Anna's books. Mal was a very active heroine.