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Review: Deal With The Devil by Savannah Blaize #HelenReviews

Deal With The Devil by Savannah Blaize

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Deal With The Devil by Savannah Blaize blurb

Book review by HelenThis is a great story. The characters are strong, bold and very likeable, even if one of them is The Devil himself. If the Devil was really like this, maybe things would be better in the world. I loved meeting Luc Nightingale and Harper Cole in a journey that that had some ups and downs but so much love. I hope that you will pick this one up and enjoy it like I did.

Luc is the Devil, and living in hell is not what it used to be for him. He wants someone who he can train up and take over for him in the future, and his best option is a son, one who will become closer to him and learn all there is to know. For this, he will need a willing woman and sets out to find someone who is willing to make a deal with the devil.

Harper Cole is a stunt woman. She travels a lot, and while at a club in Monaco, enjoying herself, she meets Luc. The strangest of sparks fly when they meet, and she wants to put her hands all over him. Time spent with him only makes her want him more, and after a few drinks and some talking, she makes a deal with Luc to hand over her first born son, even though she knows that she does not want kids. Soon she is realizing what she has done with Luc popping up in her life all over the place, and her life changes dramatically with her having a son, Domenic. And she is thrilled that Luc has decided to leave Domenic with her till he is older.

This was a story that had me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next. Things were changing so much for Harper. Luc is more like a fallen angel than a devil in my mind and was very easy to love. And Harper, what a strong person she is. She stood up for what she wanted and was caring and loving. This story was different than I expected, but I did thoroughly enjoy it. I am very happy to recommend it to anyone who likes a story with a twist and is a little different from the normal.

Thank you, Savannah Blaize for my copy to read. It really is a great story.

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  1. I really did enjoy this one such a great story, a little different from what I am used to reading and there is more to come can't wait

    Have Fun


    1. I'm quite intrigued by this book. The tag line reads that if you like the TV show Lucifer, you'll like this book. I've never watched Lucifer so I have no frame of reference, but I'm intrigued. Might get to it at some point.

    2. I have not watched Lucifer either but this is a good book I hope you get to read it :)

      Have Fun

    3. Lucifer is on my list to watch. I'll get to it and the book at some point.