Monday, October 5, 2020

What Deanna Read #56: September 2020

Can you believe it? We are through with three-quarters of the year already. It's already October. How did the time fly by so fast with all the craziness that's going on?

How are things going in your neck of the woods? Things are getting better here. We've had zero community transmitted covid cases for over a week now. Only one or two quarantine cases each day from people returning from overseas. I found out that we still have over 26,000 Australians stranded overseas waiting to come home. Because the country is limiting the number of people arriving each day to manage quarantine and spread, only five hundred people are allowed into the country each day. We are being super cautious.

On the reading front, it's been a good month. Some shorter books and lots of binge reading. I never thought I was much of a binge reader cos I like variety but boy, did I binge read a bunch of stuff and blew threw a few series. That was fun.

That's it from me. I hope everyone is well. My thoughts are with you all. Stay safe.

Here's what I read for the month.

Since I'm reading a lot through Kindle Unlimited and trying a bunch of new stuff, there are always some duds in the month. Not gonna talk about the duds. That's no fun.

Let's talk about me binge reading though because September seems like the month for it.

First of all, I got stuck into Katie Allen's Research and Desire series. I've been meaning to read these books for a while and finally decided to do it. I enjoyed the overall story arc of the guys running for the lives, hiding, and trying not to get caught by the bad guys who want to lock them up in a lab and experiment on them. While doing that, they find the love of their lives too.

The next binge read was a set of books (they are not a series) where all the heroes are of the larger variety, kinda built like a football linebacker. These books are by Jessa Kane and they are all short and HOT. I loved HuskyHefty, and King Sized, but King Sized was my favorite. There was a little bit of interesting kink in there that caught my attention.

And finally, an Anna Hackett binge. I read her latest book, The Investigator and then felt a compelling need to finish a series I had started because I was desperate to read the last book in the series, Undetected, because I'm obsessed with the hero of that book. That led to me finishing the last four books in the Treasure Hunter Security series. Excellent books. Ms Hackett really knows how to match heart-pumping action with sexiness. She's one of my favorite authors for a reason. I also snuck in an early paranormal of hers, Savage Dragon. Kinda wish that was a little longer or there were more books like it, but this one was short and satisfying.

Another stand out for the month was Shielding Lily by Alexa Riley. It is a truly beautiful story about a boy who falls in love with a girl and does everything in his power to love and protect her. She's fast become one of my favorite authors and I tend to like most everything she's written. I also read Thick and Stuffed by her and enjoyed both of those tremendously. Thick was particularly delightful. I loved Bull and Teeny.

Finally finally, there was Liz Fielding's Christmas Reunion In Paris. It's heartbreakingly beautiful and a trip to Paris all in one. I felt like I was right there in Paris with James and Chloe.

That's it from me. What did you read for this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for Helen's books next.

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  1. Gosh, you have been busy. Not a bad month for me considering I had cataract surgery and didn't read much over a few days. I'm also counting stories in a novella anthology as separate stories. Every little helps.

    1 Conard County:Hard Proof by Rachel Lee. Conard County The Next Generation #46

    2 Prince of Wolves by Tasha Black. Autumn Court #3. Rosethorn Valley Fae Romance.

    3 Timtur by Veronica Scott. Badari Warriors Sectors New Allies Series #3. Another reread. I do so love this series

    4 Sweetest in the Gale by Olivia Dade. Marysburg Story Collection. There's something about Marysburg. I love this author's books, with plus size heroines.

    5 Unraveled by Olivia Dade. Marysburg Story Collection. There's something about Marysburg

    6 Cover Me by Olivia Dade. Marysburg Story Collection. There's something about Marysburg

    7 Mistress Rules by Christine D'abo

    8 Cursed by Rebecca York. Deborah Security #21

    9 Tempted by Love by Melissa Foster. Steeles of Silver Island #1

    10 The Investigator by Anna Hackett. Norcross #1. Great start to a new series

    11 Hannibal by Tasha Black. Intergalactic Dating Agency. Stargazer Alien Mystery Brides #1

    12 Chameleon by Cara Bristol. Alien Castaways#1. Intergalactic Dating Agency

    13 Tiger Mom by Eve Langlais. Killer Moms #4

    14 Axall by Sue Mercury. Vaxxlian Alien Mail Order Brides #4. Intergalactic Dating Agency

    15 Above the Storm by Lea Kirk. Silver star Mates #1. Intergalactic Dating Agency. Loved that it was an older couple

    16 Shadows in Death by JD Robb. Eve Dallas #51. One of the best In this series


    1. You've had a good month. Individual books from an anthology totally counts.

      How good was The Investigator. I love Rhys and the Norcross brothers. I can't wait to read more of them.

    2. Yes I loved the Norcross book. I wasn't that keen on the Team 52 series,although they were still enjoyable, but this was great.

    3. I haven't started Team 52 yet but I'm planning on doing that soon. I hope I love it.

  2. Hi Deanna

    WOW that is a lot of books and I am glad you are loving most of them and finding new to you authors a long the way woohoo

    Have Fun


    1. I’m reading a few shorter books too so that adds to the number count.