Monday, February 10, 2020

What Deanna Read #48: January 2020

Okay, it's already February and the year got out of the gate running. January went by in a flash but I think that's also because I'm preparing for a trip and I'm trying to get as much of my reading commitments done as quickly as I can before I leave.

On the reading front, I think this might be a personal best in terms number of books read for the month. Granted, some of the books were quite short and fun reads but sometimes a girl needs those in between the heavy duty stuff.

A couple of points to note in my reading this last month. I tried a lot of new authors in January. I'm working my way through a very large list of authors that have been recommended to me in my latest romance genre obsession. Quite a few of those books are no longer in print or no longer available on Amazon because the author is now selling their books via a personal website. I'll try to link as many of those books as I can but for some of them, they are just what I'm finding I've bought in the past and are still available in the bottomless pit that is my Kindle Library. I have a tendency to one-click on the off chance that I would read a book at some point. I've gotten lucky with some of these books when I've picked them up on sale or for free from Amazon in the past. Others I've bought from the author's new personal website.

Here's what I read for the month.

Phew! January was some month! I seriously didn't think I'd read so many books... ever!

This month saw me jumping into a book I've been waiting for since I finished the first book in the series and it did not disappoint. It was magnificent. Rhenna Morgan's Hers To Tame is a must read but first start with His To Defend, or better yet, the Men of Haven series. I promise you will not be disappointed.

A book which surprised the heck out of me was Cabin Fever by Rye Hart. I thought it was going to be a mountain man tropey romance and turned out to be so much more. Incredible depth and emotion exploring some serious issues.

Beauty and the Beefcake by Pippa Grant was a new-to-me author read and it was hella fun. I don't usually read romcoms but this one had some seriously funny moments, but also depth and understanding of character wrapped up in some laughs. I'm planning on going back and making my way through Ms Grant's back list at some point.

I read the Stone Brothers duet by Bethany Jadin. Another mountain men tropey goodness but the second book, Mountain Cure stood out. It dealt with some heavy duty issues and packed a punch. I might have teared up at one point.

And finally, for something completely bonkers and over the top, I read His Outlaw Valentine by Jessa Kane. It's short, sexy, stalkery and so unbelievable you kinda just need to roll with it. I ended on a WTF did I just read? but I think I will read more of Ms Kane's books. They are utterly outrageous but great escapism. Do not take any of it seriously. The same can be said about Yes, Daddy by Dani Wyatt though to a lesser WTF degree. Still bonkers though. Holy heck, these heroes are intense!!

That's it from me. What did you read for this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for Helen's books next.

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  1. Go you Deanna

    So many books and so good that you enjoyed them YAY

    have Fun


    1. I know!! Amazing isn't it? I've never read so much in a month before.

  2. Gosh, that was a lot. In comparison, I had a low reading month. I'm in Benidorm and my reading always goes down. Places to go, drinks to be drunk. And February will probably be the same. Lol
    1. Mark of Eon by Anna Hackett. Eon Warriors #5

    2. Operation Goodwood by Sara Sheridan. Mirabelle Bevan #5

    3. The Vanishing by Jayne Ann Krentz. Fogg Lake #1. This was a great read and I would love to know more about a certain snow globe ballroom artifact.

    4. Toxic Vengeance by Kaylea Cross. Valkyrie Vengeance #4

    5. Ghost of a Chance by Cynthia Eden. Wilde Ways #6

    6. Better than Beginnings by Lane Hayes. Better than short story collection

    1. I don't know ... the whole drinks to be drunk thing sounds pretty good to me. At least you got a little reading done. I've got The Vanishing waiting for me to read.