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A romance with just the "good parts" by Cara Bristol | New Release: Body Talk

I've been reading Cara's Cy-Ops Sci-Fi Romance series from day one cos I love me some yummy cyborg goodness so when she asked if I'd host her for her new book Body Talk which focuses solely on all the sexy parts of a romance novel, I was "yes, definitely" because don't we all love the sexy parts? Sure, we read romance for the journey, the emotion, the way the author treats social and personal issues, but let's face it, the sexy parts give them oomph, yeah?

I remember as a teen reading Mills & Boon historicals. The sexy parts were few and far between, usually behind closed doors. I would savor those parts, lament they were too short and go back to read them again to see if I had missed something because they were so short. And then my rather acrive teenage imagination ran wild. Wild! I tell you!! Oh, the things I imagined!!

So now we have an ENTIRE book of sexy bits. Oooooh!!!!!!

Please give Cara a very warm welcome.

Body Talk: a romance with just the ‘good parts’

As a teenager, I didn’t read romance novels, I devoured them, reading probably four books a week, re-reading my favorite ones, and studying the “sex scenes” like they were going to be on a final exam.

Romances were lot more “innocent” then. Sex rarely occurred, and if it did, it was only after a couple had married, or at least had committed to marry. Usually a book contained only one or two passionate kisses, which of course rocked the heroine’s world. I didn’t have a name for sexual tension back then, but I recognized it when I saw it, and those were some of favorite scenes.

Her lips quivered. She gave a little trembling shake of the head.
She could not bear to look at him, could not bear to see his mocking expression. She closed her eyes, holding herself rigid, willing herself to remain still and passive, not to give him the satisfaction of knowing how deeply he’d hurt her by his careless indifference to her feelings.
She felt his hands slide down her bare arms. Despite herself, a shudder ran through her body. And then, the stole was settled round her shoulders, folded gently over her bosom. She opened her eyes wide…
~ From The Amberley Diamonds by Anne Wakefield Madden

Sometimes, I would be lucky enough to happen upon an actual “sex scene” described in euphemistic prose. Jackpot! As a not-yet sexually active, but very curious teenager, you can bet I reread those passages.

My other favorite passages were the romantic ones, where misunderstandings were cleared up and the hero confessed his undying love.

As an author of erotic romances in various subgenres, I thought it might be fun to introduce readers to my stories and characters by compiling a sampling of the “good parts” (aka, the “sexy parts”) from various books. That became Body Talk, an anthology of full chapter excerpts, of the sex scenes from eleven erotic romances. Each one contains the build-up/lead-in to the eroticism so that readers can get to know the characters and understand something of their issues as well.

Aren't you excited to dive into this book?

And now here's Body Talk.

Body Talk by Cara Bristol

Body Talk
By: Cara Bristol
Releasing November 15, 2016
Self published

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Body Talk by Cara Bristol blurb



An excerpt from Body Talk (Captured by the Cyborg):

    On the run from an ex-husband who tried to kill her, Illumina fakes an identity and credentials to get hired on at a spacecraft manufacturing plant beneath the barren surface of the moon Deceptio. The shop owner, cyborg Dale Homme, knows her background and name are lies, but senses she need help. He’s attracted to her in a big way. One evening, he seeks her out.

    Illumina’s hair crackled with life—or perhaps her revelations of its properties had influenced Dale’s assessment. She sparkled like the constellations overhead. Her eyes radiated desire complicated by ambivalence, and if he had been a gentleman, he’d pay more attention to the latter and less to the former.
    No one ever had accused a cyborg of being a gentleman.
    Bringing her to his private observatory had been a whim he shouldn’t have indulged. Could he trust her? Small clues pointed to no. Except, didn’t everyone tell little lies? Make tiny omissions? He’d kept the observatory secret from his employees, who did not see sun or starlight for months at a time. Moonbeam bought stolen spacecraft; often sold remanufactured ships to individuals on the sketchy side of their planet’s laws. His spacecraft had helped topple more than one planetary government.
    So he broke a lot of rules. But, until he’d met Illumina, not personal ones.
    Under the stars, bathed in Naran’s glow, she was in her element as if she drew energy from starlight itself. He imagined her gliding on the wind beneath a moonlit sky on iridescent wings. How lovely she must have been. Still was. If he had one wish, it would be to give her wings again.
    With two wishes, he would end her ex-husband’s miserable existence.
    He moved closer. Her eyes rounded, and her lips parted in an irresistible invitation. He ducked his head and kissed her. She stiffened but then wound her arms around his neck and melted against him. He drew her closer, showing the effect she had, and deepened the kiss.
    She tasted sweet, like an intoxicating delicacy, but with the punch of Cerinian brandy. He could get drunk on her. Perhaps he already was. Judgment had disintegrated then balance. His head spun.
    He plundered her mouth, seeking satisfaction that could only be found in deeper intimacy. He suspected getting horizontal would only increase his appetite. His cock throbbed with urgency. Never had a simple kiss turned him on to this degree. Not simple at all. Complicated.
    He buried his hands in her hair, stroking from crown to the ends tumbling below her hips. Amazing, incredible hair. Full, but as light as air, like strands of gossamer. She shuddered, moaning into his mouth.
    He groaned when she slipped her hands under his shirt to splay over his back, smooth over his chest. With a delicate touch, she raked her fingernails across his skin, blazing trails of heat.
    Breath mingled. Lips brushed. Tongues mated. Need rose.
    Illumina broke away, her eyes molten, liquid pools. She skimmed her fingers over his shoulders to the first button of his shirt. Then the next.
    He covered her hands. They could stop this now. Ride the transporter to the shop. Go their separate ways. Think before they acted. “Are you certain about this?”
    “I’m certain about this moment.”
    Perhaps that was the only guarantee anyone got. Life changed without warning. When you thought you had things figured out, the world crumbled beneath your feet.
    He cupped her neck, slid his hands under her robe to push the garment off her shoulders. It slithered to the floor. Jesus, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, she was naked underneath. Smooth, slender curves. Small breasts tipped with rosy centers, a tiny waist flaring to narrow hips, slim legs. A nymph. A sexy siren temptress.
    Faria did not blush. They silvered. They glowed. Her face grew luminous, light shining from within. She lowered her lashes in the most bashful way and proceeded to dispense with his shirt. The fastenings of his pants proved too sturdy and stubborn for her to undo, so he assisted and then they both stood nude. Stared. Admired.
    “How about those Mets?” They spoke at once.
    A bark of laughter burst from his throat, a giggle from hers. Awkwardness vanished under amusement before humor fell to desire.
    He pressed a heated kiss to her throat, roamed his hands over parts he’d only been able to guess at. Softness registered against his palms and recorded itself in his brain and his computer network. His nanocytes snapped and sizzled.
    She conducted her own exploration of his shoulders, his chest, his clenching abdomen, and his waiting cock. Without hesitancy, she grasped him in both hands, smoothing over the weeping head, the hard shaft. Her amazing hair cascaded over her shoulders to brush his skin, the lightness of the touch stirring a torrent of desire. She squeezed his balls.
    “Good?” she asked.
    “Sweetheart, you have no idea.” He sank a hand into her hair.
    She gasped. “Maybe I do.”
    He chuckled and then caressed her breasts, cupping each one, teasing the nipples. The curve of her waist and hips led to her mound then between her legs where he sought out feminine folds, her clit, her channel. Muscles gripped his fingers.
    She continued to stroke his hard-on.
    Calling to order this meeting of the mutual masturbation society. He snorted.
    “What’s so funny?” she asked, but she was the one with the secretive smile, pulling away, retreating out of reach.
    And then she leaped.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me! I knew I wasn't the only one who reread the naughty parts!