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Review: Killer Curvers (Guarding Her Body #2) by Naima Simone

Book coverKiller Curves (Guarding Her Body #2) by Naima Simone
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She'll lead him right into temptation...

Lately, things have been a little weird for Sloane Barrett—late night crank calls, disturbing images inher inbox, her tires slashed. She tries not to let it bother her. She tries to pretend everything is ok. Then someone breaks into her house and attacks her...and Sloane realizes she needs professional help. Tall, gorgeous and overwhelmingly intense help.

But Sloane knows all too well just how much trouble intense guys can be.

Security Specialist Ciaran Ross's priority is to ensure Sloane is safe. His gut tells him she's in danger, but his feelings for her are pulling his focus. Ciaran has already made the mistake of falling for a client, and the results were disastrous. He won't risk it again. He can't. But running from love is the surest way to get Sloane killed...

Naima Simone writes a compelling suspenseful story filled with engaging characters.

My friend Bambi has been bugging me to read this so we could talk about it. She was so excited after she read it and gave it a whopping 5 stars so I had high expectations. I knew I was going to enjoy it anyway since I enjoyed the first installment of Ms Simone's Witness to Passion.

I think the thing which struck me the most in this story is how incredibly delicious Ciaran is. I mean, he's really, really delicious. Ms Simone's description of him was so compelling, it captured my attention totally. I was completely taken with his physical attributes (which were described in great detail repeatedly!) that I almost overlooked his character but fortunately for him, he's a dirty talking alpha male with a dominant streak who likes to be in control. Yeah, that totally works for me! :-)

Ciaran is such a great character. He's suffered an incredible loss and we go through this story learning how strong and dedicated he is in his job but yet he fears true intimacy and involvement with someone because of the loss he has suffered. It holds him back and keeps him from truly living, only existing. It's wonderful to see how taken he is with Sloane and no matter what his head tells him about staying away and keeping his hands off, about not getting "involved", he can't seem to help himself. He keeps getting closer and closer to her. He's drawn to her like a moth to a flame and that, is ultimately, his salvation.

With Sloane, there were moments with some of the things she said where I've thought: OMG! That's me! It's never happened before with any heroine I've ever read. For once, I could totally relate to her because her life was very much like my life, from never being good enough to being too fat to being in the wrong career and having very exacting parents. It's kind of a weird surreal feeling when you read about someone who's life and issues are so much like yours. I found it rather disconcerting. The thing about Sloane though is she fought for who she was as a person and I cheered her on for it. Yes, she had issues and insecurities, she was beaten and trodden upon, and she had to work hard at building herself back up and becoming someone she could be proud of. She went through that whole journey during the course of the book, while being terrorized, stalked, attacked and much more, all the while maintaining a degree of dignity and poise that anyone would be envious of. She showed amazing strength of character, particularly at the end when she confronts Ciaran about his fears and puts herself on the line. Very, very brave.

The suspense was very well done too. Ms Simone certainly kept us guessing with who the bad guy was and it certainly surprised me when he was revealed.

The only thing which bugged me about the story was I felt the focus on both Ciaran and Sloane's personal development issues was too repetitive. At one point, I felt like saying, "okay I get it. Ciaran has intimacy issues. Sloane has self esteem issues. Can we please focus on getting past it?" I even got a bit ranty about it to Bambi but she shot me down and told me to keep reading. (That's what friends are for!). She didn't seem to feel the same way I did!

Overall extremely enjoyable storytelling, Ms Simone. Can't wait for the next story. I wonder who from GDG will be up next?

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