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Coming Soon: Hold Me Until Forever (Grayson Brothers #3) by Christina Phillips


Hold Me Until Forever
Grayson Brothers #3
By: Christina Phillips
Releasing January 4, 2016
Entangled Brazen

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She's the only one he wants...and the one he can never have…

Ella Clark has been in love with Alex Grayson forever. She’s tired of being invisible—or worse, being treated like his kid sister. If she can just get him to drop his iron-fisted control for two seconds, she’ll prove she knows exactly how to blow his mind.

Alex has been fighting his attraction to Ella since her should-have-been-innocent sweet sixteen kiss burned down his world. He's damaged, and there's no way he'll ever drag her into his screwed up life. Until she offers him something he's always craved—steamy, no-strings sex inside his exclusive BDSM club. Where she'll be safe from the darkness that haunts him.

Except there's nothing safe about being with Ella, and the more she gives, the harder it is to let her go. If he stays, he risks everything, but how can he walk away from the only woman he's ever needed?



Alex Grayson leaned back against the bar and watched Ella Clark make her way across the ballroom floor. For the last eight years he’d managed to steer clear of any social situations where he’d encounter her, but unfortunately his brother Jackson’s wedding wasn’t one he could ditch.

His avoidance tactics had nothing to do with not wanting to see her outside of work. It was because he wanted her too damn much. He slammed down the lust with the same ruthless determination he used in all areas of his life. Except this time it didn’t work—because yesterday she’d handed in her resignation, and he couldn’t wrap his mind around it.

She can’t be serious. He’d had no chance to talk to her about it, as she’d waited until the end of the day before giving him a formal letter.

A fucking letter…

He watched as she wound her arms around the neck of a guy the size of a gorilla. He took a long swallow from his beer and clenched his fist. Yesterday he could’ve just about handled it, but today, knowing she wanted out of Grayson’s, it was almost impossible.

Don’t think about holding her. He shoved the image into the black corner of his mind, where all thoughts of her had stayed, safe and untouched, for the last eight years.

Since that night when she’d been sweet sixteen. When it smashed into him he didn’t look on her as a little sister at all. Anything but.

She’d shocked the shit out of him by flinging her arms around his neck and kissing him like she wanted to eat him alive. Even now he could still remember the white-hot lust that had burned through him—and the fear that if he didn’t get the hell away from her he’d break her, the way he was broken.

Except he’d never been able to get away from Ella. She was friends with both of his brothers, and his gran looked on her as the granddaughter she’d never had. For three years he’d tried to avoid being alone with her, but she was always on the fringes of his life. And when she turned nineteen he’d given that plan up as a lost cause.

Five years ago when he’d set up Grayson’s, his bodyguard and security business, she was the only one he wanted to help keep their shit straight. Because despite how much he wanted her, she was family, even if she wasn’t related by blood, and Grayson’s was all about keeping his family together.

Keeping his family safe.

The gorilla grabbed her ass. She giggled. Alex turned his back and set his bottle on the under lit bar. Let it go.

The music thumped through his head. His kid brother Cooper strolled into the ballroom, his girlfriend Paris wrapped around him.

He’d always thought his brother would end up with Ella. Hell, Cooper and Ella should be together. Because if she married Cooper she really would be his sister. Mission accomplished. He’d no longer be haunted by visions of her on her knees before him.

What bullshit.

He slowly turned around. Dozens of couples filled the dance floor but he only saw Ella with her spiky rainbow colored hair…and that gorilla who couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Alex knew who he was. Some dumbass who thought fame gave him the right to take whatever he wanted.

She could take care of herself. If she didn’t want the creep mauling her, he’d be doubled up in pain at her feet.

It didn’t improve his mood.

Fuck this. He needed to sort this out. Persuade her not to resign. He pushed himself from the bar and prowled toward her. “Hey.” He grasped the guy’s shoulder. “Mind if I cut in.”

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Author Info

jsChristina Phillips is an ex-pat Brit who now lives in sunny Western Australia with her high school sweetheart and their family. She enjoys writing hot contemporary romance where the stories sizzle and the heroine brings her hero to his knees.

Christina is addicted to good coffee, expensive chocolate and bad boy heroes. She is also owned by three gorgeous cats who are convinced the universe revolves around their needs. They are not wrong.

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