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Author Showcase: Stefanie London

Hello, hello. Can you believe it's almost Christmas? The bloggity is going on break soon for a little while, but before that, I have the lovely Stefanie London visiting today. She's doing an Author Showcase and I'm all excited about learning much more about her.

sauI'm Stefanie, an Aussie romance author who's currently living in Toronto, Canada. Right now I'm balancing two things that I really love in life - writing sexy stories and travelling. Since moving to Canada with my husband in 2015 I've been to Montreal, Quebec City, New York (twice!), Washington DC, Boston and New England. In December we'll be heading off to Europe for three weeks to visit friends in England and Germany.

My job is perfect because I can take my laptop anywhere in the world. Seriously, best. Job. Ever.

I've wanted to be an author since I was a little girl. I used to devour books in school and once I realised that there were real people behind the books, I knew that's what I was meant to do with my life. It took my a while to pluck up the courage to start writing, but once I did I couldn't stop. I'm currently splitting my writing time between a few different publishers and series. I write sexy contemporary romance for Harlequin Blaze, fun and flirty romance with a dash of humour for Entangled and I'm also dipping my toe into the self publishing waters - which is proving to be a great learning experience.

At the moment I'm working on my second and third book in the Dangerously Sexy series for Harlequin Blaze. This series follows a New York security company and each story has a little bit of a mystery to it. The second book is out in April 2016 and features a video game-loving heroine (had plenty of fun writing her!) and an ex-FBI Police Officer. I've recently signed on to write another four books (yes, 4!!) in this series.


Hot Christmas Nights
By: Stefanie London, et al
Releasing December 1, 2015
Amazon Digital Services Inc

Buy Links:  Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada | Amazon Australia


Hot Christmas Nights features stories from Rachel Bailey, Michelle Douglas, Louisa George, Helen Lacey, Stefanie London, Jennifer St George, Kandy Shepherd and is out now!

Hot Christmas Nights (A LoveCats DownUnder box set) contains seven brand new holiday stories from award-winning, best-selling and rising star Australian and New Zealand authors. Whether you want to get caught in a summer storm, find a second chance at love or fall for your best friend—there’s a story here for you.

The stories in this box set range from sweet to sexy, and they’re all emotionally satisfying reads with a happy ever after.



    Kissing Neve was a stupid idea considering he’d been doing everything in his power to kick her out yesterday. But hearing her talk about her birth mother had struck him. He understood what it meant to ache for a relationship that you could never have.
    But damn she’d felt good in his arms. All soft and warm and comforting, stirring him in all the places he’d been too stressed to even consider for months. She had a fire about her, a deep empathy that she tried to hide under quips and snark. He’d seen it when she talked about her mother, bubbling under the surface. He’d felt it in the way she’d clutched at him when they kissed.
    If she hadn’t pulled away, what the hell would he have done next? Well, he knew what he’d wanted to do…what he still wanted to do. Would it be so bad to take her to bed? They could burn off some of their tension, indulge in the physical instead of being caught up in their respective issues.
    A soft knock interrupted his thoughts and the door behind him slid open. “I thought you might like to know I finished the tree.” Neve peered out at him, her cheeks flushed pink and a tentative smile on her lips.
    He nodded, his smile felt tight and unnatural. It had been a long time since he’d felt so brittle, so unsure. “Let’s have a look.”
    Without power, the rainbow lights—the ones he and Annabel had picked out as kids—sat dull against the branches. But he could see the care that Neve had taken in decorating the tree. The gesture touched him.
    “I just need help with the top.” She held up the gold star. “I can’t reach and those dining chairs look rickety as hell.”
    A flash of pink caught his attention as she ran her tongue along her lower lip, causing all the blood in his body to rush south.
    “How short are you? Four feet?” He joked as he plucked the star out of her hands, denying how much he wanted to sweep her up in his arms and kiss until they both forgot their troubles.
    “I’m five two thank you very much.” She planted a hand on her hip. “How tall are you? A billion feet?”
    “Nah, only a million. Let’s not go crazy.”
    She shook her head and tried to hide a smile as he put the star on top of the tree with ease. Memories started unfurling in his brain, all the Christmases his family had spent in this very house—away from the hustle and bustle of the city. All the silly games they’d played, the loving way his parents had looked at one another.
    All he’d lost.


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About the author

authorGrowing up, Stefanie came from a family of women who loved to read. Her favourite activity was going shopping with her Nan during school holidays, where she would sit on the floor of the bookstore with her little sister and painstakingly select the books to spend her allowance on.  Thankfully, Nan was a patient woman.

Thus, it was no surprise Stefanie was the sort of student who would read her English books before the semester started. After sneaking several literature subjects into her ‘very practical’ Business degree, she got a job in Communications. When writing emails and newsletters didn’t fulfil her creative urges, she turned to fiction and was finally able to write the stories that kept her mind busy at night.

Now she lives with her very own hero and dreams of travelling the world. She frequently indulges in her passions for good coffee, French perfume, high heels and zombie movies. Recently she gave up her day job to write sexy, contemporary romance stories and she couldn’t be happier.

Author links: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Goodreads


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  1. Hello Stefanie

    Firstly huge congrats on these stories I loved them your stories are must reads they are filled with emotion fun and are very sensual :)

    Sounds like you are really having fun over there and I guess you are getting heaps of ideas for new books great for us readers :)

    Have Fun

    1. Thank you, Helen! (and big thanks to Deanna for having me on the blog!) You ladies make it all worth it <3

    2. Helen, thanks for stopping by. Love your support and enthusiasm.

  2. Stefanie, I'm so glad you visited the bloggity. Very happy to have you here. Come back again soon and tell us all about your European holiday.

  3. Stefanie, I love that excerpt! Actually, I love the entire story. ;-) I have to say that I'm madly jealous of your European Christmas jaunt. I hope you have a lovely time.

    And, Deanna, I hope you're planning a gorgeous wine-filled festive season for you and yours!

    1. Hah, there will always be wine at our place, Michelle. You should come visit. We're around till mid-Jan. :-)