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New Release: A Scoundrel by Moonlight (Sons of Sin #4) by Anna Campbell

I would like to welcome Anna Campbell to the blog today and I'm so excited with her new release, A Scoundrel by Moonlight. Anna is one of my favorite historical authors and certainly one of my favorite Australian authors, though I must confess I am not that well read when it comes to Australian authors. I once described Anna's writing as reading something that is akin to deep, dark, rich chocolate, wrapped in velvet. She has written some of my favorite historical romances, Untouched being one of them. I'm looking forward to meeting her Scoundrel.


A Scoundrel by Moonlight
Sons of Sin #4
by Anna Campbell
Release date: April 28, 2015
Grand Central Forever, Hachette

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Anything can happen in the moonlight…
Justice. That’s all Nell Trim wants – for her sister and for the countless other young women the Marquess of Leath has ruined with his wildly seductive ways. Now she has a bold plan to take him down… as long as she can resist the scoundrel’s temptations herself.
From the moment Nell meets James Fairbrother, the air positively sizzles. Yet for all his size and power, there’s something amazingly tender in his touch. Could he really be such a depraved rogue? The only way to find out is to beat the devil at his own game… one tempting kiss at a time.



The stables, Alloway Chase, Yorkshire, October 1828

    “Thank you,” Miss Trim said drily. “I don’t need to learn to ride.”
    “You lost that argument yesterday.”
    Her lips firmed. “Only because you asked me in front of your mother.”
    This time Leath couldn’t contain his amusement. “I’ve learned a few tricks from my years in politics.”
    She almost smiled. An almost smile from Miss Trim was more dazzling than the sun. “I’ll have to be on my toes, I see.”
    She would indeed. Or she’d be on her back.
    Luckily, he was saved from making that wish reality when a groom led out her pony. “Miss Trim, allow me to introduce one of nature’s gentlemen, Snowflake.”
    At his name, the fat, white pony nodded his shaggy head. Miss Trim laughed. “I had nightmares about this. Snowflake isn’t exactly what I imagined.”
    “I’ve decided to save the fire-breathing monster for tomorrow.” Leath thanked the groom and took the reins. “Have you ever been on a horse?”
    He regarded her searchingly. “You’re not really frightened, are you?”
    “No.” She hesitated. “Maybe. Yes. A little.”
    “You’re close to the ground on Snowflake.”
    “Easy for you to say.”
    He laughed again. “Do you need me to help you up?” Snowflake was too small for a woman of Eleanor’s height, but Leath wanted her first ride to soothe her fears.
    “I think I can manage.”
    Pity. His hands itched to circle that willowy waist.
    Snowflake stood while Miss Trim settled gingerly on his back. Leath was surprised at her uncertainty. He’d believed her completely indomitable. This vulnerability was dangerously appealing.
    He passed her the reins and she grabbed them so hard that Snowflake whickered in protest. Knowing that contact was a mistake, Leath placed his hands over hers. “Gently.”
    “Sorry,” she muttered and sat stiff as a board in the sidesaddle as he checked her stirrups. She wore half boots, and when he twitched away the voluminous red skirts, a glimpse of white stocking crashed through him like a cannonball.
    He stepped back. “How do you feel?”
    She looked very unsure. “Like I’m sitting on a volcano that’s about to erupt.”
    He snickered. “Old Snowflake is pushing twenty, Miss Trim. If he erupts, it will be into a mind-numbingly speedy stroll.”
    “That’s scary enough.”
    “Courage. If you can face down a cranky marquess, this old pony is a doddle.” He patted Snowflake, who looked half asleep—so much for Miss Trim’s worries—and took the halter. “Are you ready?”
    “You can’t sit in the stable yard all morning.”
    “It’s my first lesson.”
    “So start learning.” Clicking his tongue to the somnolent horse, he moved forward.
    “Oh, dear.”
        He glanced back. Miss Trim clutched the front of the saddle as though about to topple off. She looked utterly terrified.
    “Deep breath.”
    “I think you should stop.”
    “I think you should let yourself fall into the rhythm of the horse.”
    “Please don’t say ‘fall.’”
    He laughed again. Good God, at this rate, he’d be the life of the party once he got back to London. “Someone as graceful as you should have no trouble riding. Listen to your body.”
    Damn it, if she didn’t want to hear “fall,” he didn’t want to hear “body.” Teaching Miss Trim to ride was a risky enterprise. If only for her instructor.


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Author Info

jsANNA CAMPBELL has written ten multi award-winning historical romances for Grand Central Publishing and Avon HarperCollins and her work is published in sixteen languages. Anna is currently engaged in writing the "Sons of Sin" series, which started in 2012 with SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE’S BED. The fourth book in the series, A SCOUNDREL BY MOONLIGHT, is out in April 2015. Anna lives on the beautiful east coast of Australia where she writes full-time.

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