Sunday, April 26, 2015

No Sunday video


My sincere apologies but there will be no Sunday video post this week. You can check out my older videos here.

The reason there is no video is because we've had the worse storms our city has seen in 10 years.

The rains have been terrible and there has been flooding, loss of lives, livestock, homes, etc..


Our home had a moat around it and a river running between our house and our neighbour's house. The pond at the end of our yard flooded and flowed into our yard. Our yard turned into a pond and the ducks had a field day with it.

Fortunately, our house is ok.

The other reason is that I am back to full time work temporarily as my old boss rang and asked me to help out while he looked for a new assistant. His last assistant left on short notice.

Life goes on even with going back to work full time and I still need to fit in my other day job, editing and proofreading.

I'm also trying to keep up with the blog but that's going to be done mostly on the weekends until the temp job is done. The weekdays are too full with the full time job and trying to do the other day job as well.

Then, there is the issue that I haven't been home in two weeks and have not had the opportunity to film, let alone edit anything.

You have my very sincere apologies. I hope that things will go back to normal in a few weeks' time.

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