Saturday, January 31, 2015

A list of all mybeauty, makeup and health posts

30 January 2015:I can't get Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation to work for me
26 January 2015: Illamasqua makeup collection
22 April 2014: Staying shine free ... a new foundation and primer combo
1 January 2014: Makeup no buy / low buy 2014 ... reigning in my makeup addiction
25 July 2013: Feeding my foundation fixation with Findation - color matching without testing
3 July 2013: How I color match foundation at the drugstore

5 May 2014: Continuing to use the Clarisonic and its results
20 March 2014: How your brain and words affect your sense of smell
8 June 2013: My experience with the Clarisonic Mia - initial reaction and breakouts

Health and diet
30 June 2014: Moving and stress is bad for the diet
19 February 2014: Having trouble getting back into it
11 February 2014: Juicing for life, for health, for breakfast
27 January 2014: Back to the diet ...
11 December 2013: There's a lot of eating ahead ... my strategy to stick to the diet
21 November 2013: A 300 calorie day ... what !?!?!
31 October 2013: Portion control is really important
27 October 2013: Progress is slow, but I keep going
27 August 2013: An update on Plexus Slim, a continuing weight loss journey
1 August 2013: Weekend naughtiness, counting the cost and paying the price
11 July 2013: Some progress and holy frack! that's a lot of calories
27 June 2013: Dieting sucks but I press on
20 June 2013: Getting serious about weight loss, calorie counting and a small Plexus Slim update
12 June 2013: Plexus Slim experience - my first 16 days of taking Plexus Slim

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