Monday, January 26, 2015

Illamasqua makeup collection

I've decided that I really should feature my videos from the YouTube channel on the blog as well as this will provide some variety to the blog and truly encompass the name of both the blog and the YT channel, Deanna's World.

My latest video talks about my Illamasqua collection. I love Illamasqua products. I find them to be super high quality and very luxurious.

Of course, they are also rather expensive and being based in the UK with the Pound Sterling so strong right now, it's a spendy piece of makeup to acquire.I usually buy my Illamasqua makeup when they have a sale on.

My two favorite items from the lines are the powder foundation (I love the coverage, it's amazing!) and their blushes. I have two of their powder foundations, one in my skintone shade and one darker that I use to contour. I love them both. I also have 4 of their powder blushes and I'm constantly stalking their website to see if there are more blushes that I don't own to add to my collection.

I won't keep going on, but I'll let you watch the video to see what I have. I've even done some swatches!

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