Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Makeup no buy / low buy 2014 ... reigning in my makeup addiction

So I might have a slight ... hmmm ... okay, perhaps more than a slight makeup addiction and I just *LOVE* makeup.

I love using makeup.

I love shopping for makeup.

I love collecting makeup.

In the last couple of years, my makeup collection has grown massive and I have more makeup than I would use up in a very long time.

This year, my best friend Tessa and I have decided that we will both go on a makeup no buy / low buy, where we only buy what we use up, with a few exceptions.

Tessa is way more strict with her no buy than I am, as her exceptions are only 10 makeup items for the whole year. I am allowing myself $50 per quarter of makeup items, which I will spend at Sephora, which probably doesn't end up more than 10 or so items anyway, just because things at Sephora tend to be a bit more high end, unless I time it with a sale. I'm going to save my exceptions for the special gift sets and any snazzy new palettes that come out during the year ... or something. I really don't know what I will do right now.

Straight off the bat, I'm going to say that this is going to be tough and challenging. Already, I'm seeing things on Youtube videos and thinking "Oh, that's interesting, I'd like to try that" or "I'd like to own that". A lot of the time, it's not even about using it, it's about collecting it. I have some things in my collection that I haven't even used yet, and I really need to change that.

Both Tessa and I have made a video about our rules for the no buy / low buy and I will link our videos below.

For those of you who prefer to read the rules, here's what I've said for me:

  1. General - only replace if there is none left in the stash wherever possible
  2. Foundation - no new foundations or BB creams until I've used up at least 5 of each, buy only 1 new one
  3. Powder - no new powders until I've used up at least 3 of each, buy only 1 new one
  4. Eyeshadows - no new eyeshadows at all (this one is going to be hard)
  5. Eyeliners - only get new eyeliners if the color I need runs out, eg, like if I'm all out of black liners
  6. Mascara - only replace when run out, using no more than 3 mascaras open at a time
  7. Lippies - only get new lippie if the color I am using runs out and there are no other close alternatives in what I own, ie, like if I've used up all my reds
  8. Blushes - no new blushes at all (this will be hard too)
  9. Bronzers and highlights - only replace when I run out and there are no alternatives left in the stash (which would be highly unlikely!)
  10. Nail polish - 5 new colors every 3 months, plus replacement of base and top coat when they run out
  11. Hair care - replace as used up
  12. Body care - replace as used up
  13. Skincare - replace as used up, including makeup remover wipes, cleansers, etc.
  14. Perfumes - use up samples and what I have. No new ones until I use up at least 3 oils and 1 bottle of perfume

And most importantly, of course, I will need to SHOP MY STASH!!

If you plan on doing something like this, I would love to hear from you. Like my facebook page and we can chat about it and encourage each other. I will plan regular video and blog updates on the subject.

Wish me luck!!!

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