Thursday, July 25, 2013

Feeding my foundation fixation with Findation - color matching without testing

I'm talking about foundation again - just because I love the stuff!!

This time, I want to talk about this fab site I've found that matches foundation shades for you. It is called Findation. It's a very clever website, and if you do like your foundation or are just trying to find a color match for a particular foundation, use this site.

What this site does is that is asks you for foundation color matches that you know already works for you and matches you.

You enter the brand of the foundation, the type of foundation and the color that is correct for you.

It asks you to enter as many as possible, stating that the more you enter, the better the match would be.

Once you have entered all the foundations you know works for you, you click on the button that tells it to "find match" and it goes off and does its thing.

When the search comes back, it spits out a very long list of foundation color matches for you. You can then scroll through the matches and also have the list emailed to you. Just be careful, it will only email to one email address, one list, once. If you plan on doing this more than once, you might need to use a few different email addresses or just copy and paste the results from the website to your computer and save the list.

I've tested this several times (and have run out of email addresses to use) and the results are quite accurate.

I am not saying that the results are 100% accurate because it did spit out one foundation that did not match me and I know this because I had tried that exact foundation in the exact color it recommended and it was a shade or two too dark for me. That said, it was one foundation out of something 20 or 30 that they recommended and matched.

It's a fun site to play with and it's a great tool.

This is particularly useful if you are planning on ordering a foundation online and have no way to color match because you are not going to a store, or even if there just is not a store near you that sells the particular foundation that you are after.

It's a good tool to use, that I would say is about 90% to 95% accurate if you enter the right number and range of foundations for it to work from.

If nothing else, it's just fun to have a play.

Good luck finding your foundation match.

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