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Author Interview: Maddie Wade | New Release: Wings of the Wicked

It's always a pleasure to have bloggity regular Maddie Wade visiting when I'm not posting reviews of her books, that is. This time she is back to tell us about a new paranormal anthology she's a part of. Please give Maddie a very warm welcome.

Wings of the Wicked anthology by Maddie Wade

Wings of the Wicked
By: Maddie Wade et al
Releasing January 8, 2019

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Wings of the Wicked anthology by Maddie Wade blurb


Hi Maddie, welcome back to the bloggity. You visited us a few months ago when you released Heartbreaker. What's new with you now? Has anything changed in your life?
Hi Deanna, thank you so much for having me back. Wow that seems a lifetime ago. I have realised the first of many dreams and have now made writing my full time job which is amazing. We got a puppy, a beautiful Getman shepherd called Bentley and we are having major home renovations done. So yes lots going on as we draw this year to an end.

When we chatted last, we talked about how you were juggling a full-time job, family, and writing. Obviously, since then, things have changed for your writing life. What's that been like for you?
It has been amazing to concentrate on writing. It means I have lots more books planned for 2019 including the start of the Eidolon Ghost Ops Series and my first Paranormal Series which is about three Fallen Angels.

Can you describe a typical writing day and what it looks like now? Do you stick to a routine and a schedule?
Once I have shipped the kids off to school I sit down and write until 3pm when I collect my daughter. Social media is done in the evenings but weekends are for my family.

Since Heartbreaker you have published quite a few books. Can you tell us what's new in your publishing line up if we need to catch up on your books?
I released my Contemporary Duet Tightrope which is an angsty story about the a woman who has to make a heartbreaking choice. I have written books 6 and 7 in the Fortis series and just released Nate and Skye’s wedding Novella. I have also written book 1 in my Angels of the Triads story which will initially be part of the Wings of the Wicked boxset. That releases on January 8th but can be preordered now for 99 cents.

Tell us a bit more about this anthology. What is it about?
It is 25 authors coming together to give you stories of fallen angels, demons, and many other delicious creatures. We are going all out to hit the USAT list with this one. It can be preordered now and you will also receive 14 free books when you do.

What's it like working as part of an anthology instead of publishing on your own? Any lessons learned?
It is very different. It has posed some challenges but has been a great experience that I would recommend. There is very much an all for one attitude which is great as you are not alone.

What made you decide to venture into paranormal romance after sticking to and growing a loyal readership in the romantic suspense and contemporary romance world?
I love to read all types of books but Paranormal, Romantic Suspense and Contemporary are my favourite to read so I wanted to delve into the writing of them and see if I enjoyed it as much and guess what..... I love it. There are no rules with paranormal so the sky is the limit.

How has writing paranormal romance been different from your usual sub-genres? Did it stretch you? What did you learn from it?
It did stretch me and allowed my mind free rein but it is not without challenge. No rules also means you have to build the whole world which means a lot of detail.

I love paranormal romance so will there be more of it from you in the future or is this anthology a one-off thing?
You know I love a series. So Angels of the Triad will initially have 3 books and then we will see. The first is Sariel who is a Fallen Angel tasked with saving the world and one female scientist who holds the fate of the world in her hands.

Maddie, thank you for joining us today and congrats on the release of Wings of the Wicked.

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  1. Fabulous interview Ladies and congrats on the boxed set Maddie, I do have a couple of you books on my TBR pile I need to move them up and get them read I am sure that I will really enjoy them

    Have Fun


    1. You really do need to read them. They are good. I love the Fortis series.